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Trialtech SL Carbon Riser

Product code: 11865

£83.33RRP: £107.50(Save 22%)

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Trialtech SL Carbon Riser

Super pimp, lightweight carbon bars from Trialtech!

- Developed in conjunction with a range of riders including Kenny Belaey, Rick Koekoek, and our very own Stan and Cap, the Trialtech SL Carbon Riser bars are some of the lightest yet strongest bars available!
- Super high quality, high modulus unilateral carbon fibre construction.
- Custom wall thickness and tapering gives the greatest strength possible without adding excess weight.
- Unique design with increased cross sectional area at the second bend increases strength and stiffness.
- Matte finish gives these bars a great look, especially combined with the new SL water transfer graphics.
- 'Textured' finish in the bar clamp area reduces the chances of the bars slipping. Convenient SL graphic also helps align them perfectly!
- Fiber Grip can be used to offer further grip if you find you have issues with handlebars slipping in the stem clamp.
- Weight: 205.9g (75g lighter than the box!)

Please ensure the fitting instructions are followed carefully to preserve your warranty: Trialtech SL Handlebar Fitting Instructions.


Width: 730mm (28.75in)
Total rise (click text to see a diagram): 95mm
Upsweep: 10
Backsweep: 10

Additional Information

These handlebars are supplied with a 6 month manufacturing and materials defect warranty. For more information, please see the warranty sheet supplied with the bars. As always, please make sure there are no sharp edges on your brake levers or stem before fitting, and always torque bolts to the manufacturer's recommend setting.



Hey, Why or why not would you want carbon bars on a trials bike? I appreciate your time, thanks!

Posted by daniel on 30/11/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/12/2012

Hi Daniel - Carbon bars are very light but are still quite stiff, so for a lightweight trials build they're a great option. The downsides of them are that they're relatively expensive compared to alloy (or even steel) bars, and if you're prone to crashing they might be more susceptible to damage. They're very strong as standard (we've had virtually no carbon bars returned to us), but if they get deeply scratched or gouged they will be more prone to breaking than a regular metal bar would. Thanks, Mark


Have you had any problems off customers from these bars? Has there been many pairs snapped you know of? And do you get the carbon paste that is suggested to use in the fitting instructions?

Posted by Noah on 04/04/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/04/2014

Hi Noah - thanks for your question. We've sold a huge number of these handlebars, and have heard of very few sets breaking. Three of us here at TartyBikes alone use them, and have had absolutely no issues with them, and we're not a particularly gentle bunch of riders! Stan's had his set for over three years. The paste mentioned in the description does not come with the handlebars as many people prefer not to use it, but it is available here if you would like it: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/tools/finish_line_fiber_grip/c31p11964.html Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.


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Posted by kenichi on 23/08/2012


Reply from TartyBikes on 23/08/2012

Hi Kenichi - I'm glad to hear the bars feel good to you. Thanks for the review!



Posted by Trever on 30/11/2013

Great way to lighten up the front end. Havent had any issues with them.. Great, strong, light bars.


Really light!

Posted by Tom on 23/02/2016

These bars are really light and so far I have had no problem with them slipping

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/02/2016

Hi Tom - These certainly are impressively light bars! It's good to hear they're staying put for you too. Thanks for the review!

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