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Echo TR Disc

Product code: 10705


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Echo TR Disc

28 hole (Black)
32 hole (Black)

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  • Available in 28h or 32h.
- 10mm 7075 T6 aluminium axle supplied with steel allen key bolts and aluminium washers.
- 6-Bolt IS (International Standard) bolt pattern.
- 2014 aluminium CNC machined hub body.
- 100mm spacing, to fit all modern front forks.
- Please note: Axle will not work with QR skewers.
- Fully sealed cartridge bearings keep out all the mud and water and offer silky smooth running no matter what conditions you ride in.
- Please note the bearing spacers must be fitted in exactly the same orientation as when the hub is delivered to you. Swapping them around will cause damage to the bearings, and this isn't covered by the warranty.
- Available in 28 or 32h, anodized black.
- Weight: 108g (plus bolts and washers at 21g per pair).

Hub Dimensions

Disc Side:
- Flange Diameter: 56mm
- Centre to Flange: 25mm

Non Disc Side:
- Flange Diameter: 30mm
- Centre to Flange: 31mm

Additional Information

Radial lacing may stretch the non disc side hub flange slightly, meaning the bearing is a loose fit. This can be solved with some bearing fit compound, such as Loctite 271, or simply lace the wheel with a cross pattern.



What is the difference between this and the echo sl hub?

Posted by John on 24/02/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 25/02/2011

Hi John - The SL hub has larger bearings, and a larger 12mm axle (machined down to 10mm at the ends of the axles to fit in dropouts properly). This means the bearings last longer and the axle is stronger. Because of this the hub weighs slightly more than the TR, but features like the Ti bolts and drilled finishing kit help bring the weight down. Thanks, Mark


Hi i was just wondering are the bearings within this hub the same as a trialtech rear hub? The bearings in my hub got worse after Tarty Days and a friend has a echo hub which isn't in use and was thinking of swapping bearings over. If not then i will order the Sealed 6000 Cartridge Bearings

Posted by Oliver on 29/08/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/08/2013

Hi Oliver - unfortunately those bearings are different sizes so you won't be able to transplant them between hubs. The 6000 series bearings also won't fit your TR Disc hub - you need these: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?product_id=10655 Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, can you please tell me what size spokes do i need for this hub and a single wall rim. Thanx.

Posted by Michael on 23/12/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 29/12/2014

Hi Michael - thanks for your question. The length would depend on which exact rim you have, and which lacing pattern you want. If you mention these details in the Notes field when ordering, we will work out what length you need before sending them to you. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi Tarty I have this hub and want to use it with an Echo TR 26" rim. Could you please tell me the spoke length I will require? Thanks.

Posted by Owen on 27/02/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/03/2015

Hi Owen - thanks for your question. We will calculate the spoke lengths you need when you place your order. Just remember to put these details and preferred lacing pattern in the Notes field! Thanks, Flipp.

shane stevens

How long is the warranty on this item?

Posted by shane stevens on 18/06/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/06/2016

Hi Shane - These hubs have a 6 month warranty covering manufacturing and material defects. Thanks, Mark


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Front hub

Posted by Paul on 06/04/2012

Nice hub, it's cheap enough and pretty light. Spins nicely and seems to last. Can be a bit tricky to lace when building due to the large difference in flange sizes

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/04/2012

Hi Paul - The difference in flange sizes for most front trials disc hubs can make lacing them pretty tricky - we usually find gently bending a curve into your spokes by bending them around a curved object (something like a roll of tape is perfect for this!) makes life a lot easier. Thanks for the review.

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