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Inspired Arcade Frame Kit

Product code: 12941


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Inspired Arcade Frame Kit

- The newest version of one of the most eagerly anticipated trials frames on the market is now available!
- As tested and developed by TartyBikes team rider Ali C!
- Slight tweaks and refinements improve the frame kit, building on the success of the previous generations!
- New for 2017, the Arcade features an integrated seat clamp enclosed within the seat stay. Important note: a metal 27.2mm seat post (no shim) of minimum insertion depth 100mm must be used with this frame to preserve the warranty.
- An additional change for late 2016/2017 is the switch to a 142mm long integrated head tube which simplifies assembly, reduces weight but doesn't sacrifice strength!
- Externally butted 'Euro' (threaded) bottom bracket shell saves weight and looks cool!
- International Standard disc brake mount on the fork, and +20mm on the frame means the same sized rotors can be used front and rear with the same caliper/adaptor.
- The top of the rear disc mount is positioned on top of a gusset to spread the braking force, and a reinforcing tube below supports the rear triangle yet further. Please Note: Using a rotor larger than 185mm will invalidate the frame's warranty.
- Very neat, purpose made micro chain tugs take care of chain tension (Please note: Tugs are supplied with the correct bolt length for use with 22:15 gear ratio. For use with 22:16, longer bolts may be required).
- Revised seat stay-to-seat tube joining method and added support bridge between the seatstays increases stiffness and strength of this high-stress area.
- The middle of the frame is further stiffened by a a revised chain stay-to-bottom bracket joint, featuring an extra support gusset.
- Threaded top cap design allows the hose to be routed through the steerer if required.
- Tapered fork dropouts and axle locate the front wheel in exactly the same place every time.
- 15mm through-axle is compatible with any 15mm through-axle front hub. The Hope Pro 2 or 4 can be adapted for this purpose with 15mm adaptors, or if you use a standard 10mm, 9mm or quick release axle hub, you can use the Inspired Arcade Fork Adaptors.
- Dark Chrome finish is complimented by understated Inspired Arcade graphics.
- Available as a frame kit with headset, chain tugs, fork, fork top cap and 15mm through axle. Hope Hub Upgrade available at checkout.

Frame Geometry (measured with Inspired Arcade forks and 22:15 gear ratio)
- Wheelbase: 995mm
- Chainstay: 365mm
- BB Height: +25mm
- Head Angle: 74.5˚
- Reach (Centre of BB axle to top centre of head tube): 682mm

Fork Geometry
- Axle to crown: 405mm
- Axle offset: 23mm
- Steerer tube length: 225mm

- Weight: Frame (including headset) - 2.714kg, Fork (including threaded top cap) - 1.128kg, Total - 3.842kg

- Headset type: Integrated
- Bottom bracket type: Screw-in, 73mm shell width
- Dropout spacing: 135mm
- Brake mount type: +20mm IS Disc Mount
- Bashguard type: n/a - requires a bashring



Can you explain the geometry difference between the arcade and fourplay frames? Is one better than the other for a certain style of riding, and is one better for smaller riders than the other? Thanks.

Posted by Matt

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Matt!
There are a few key difference between the Arcade and the Fourplay. The steeper head angle and higher BB of the Arcade mean that it's a little more at home doing BMX-style moves (if you watch Inspired team rider John Langlois you'll see what we mean!), but is still capable for doing trials moves (our own team rider Ben Travis would be a good example of this) as the short rear end helps make it fairly easy on the back wheel too. Overall it's a really responsive frame that's a fairly good all rounder.
The steeper head angle of the Arcade means that the front triangle of the bike feels a little longer, hence the reach of the Arcade being 682mm compared to 670mm for the Fourplay. This is slightly skewed though as the Arcade has a taller head tube which will impact that measurement by a few mm.
The Fourplay is a little more towards the trials end of things, with it also having a nice short rear triangle but a slightly slacker head angle. The Fourplay is still definitely capable of doing tricks though (as another example, Fabio Wibmer has ridden the Fourplay for some time and can do some great moves on his, as can Duncan Shaw), and the shorter front triangle and lower BB make it feel very much 'under' you when you ride it. This feeling means the bike feels nice and agile, so for doing more trick-based riding you can position the bike where you want it quite easily. The Fourplay being the lighter of the two framekits helps with this too.
This lightness is achieved through the Fourplay being aluminium rather than steel like the Arcade. It means the Fourplay is quite light and stiff, whereas the Arcade has the slightly more supple ride feel associated with steel tubing. The Arcade frame and fork are a little tougher than the Fourplay in terms of impacts/abuse, but both of them are nice and strong so strength needn't be a concern.
As the reach of the Fourplay is a little shorter it may suit smaller riders, but there isn't a huge amount in it so you shouldn't necessarily be put off the Arcade either. You can always dial in the feel of the front end of the bike through your bar, stem and spacer choice.
Hopefully this helps, but if you have any more questions please ask.

Sebastian Kober

I'm looking to replace my green flow plus with this frame. Are the fork axle adaptors for this kind of upgrade included with the frame kit or do I have to buy them seperately? Cheers Sebastian

Posted by Sebastian Kober

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sebastian!
The fork adaptors are sold separately, as the kit is supplied with the 15mm through axle as standard.
You can find the adaptors here.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Raphael Dähler

Hello there! Im currently riding a red fourplay (2018) with hope evo 4 hubs and gx eagle cranks. Will i need to buy some adaptors or can i just fit them like that? What would i have to need to buy for everything to fit? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Raphael Dähler

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Raphael!
You should hopefully be able to just transfer everything from your Fourplay across to the Arcade. The hub axle types are the between the two, the brake mounts are the same and the GX cranks fit the Arcade fine, so we can't see you having any issues.
If you have any more questions, please ask!


Hey Tarty, I currently ride an Ozonys Styl V3. Is it possible to transfer all the parts to the Arcade Frameset? (Especially wheels and crankset)

Posted by Flo

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Flo!
You'll need to use the Arcade Fork Axle Adaptors to fit your front wheel, but all the other parts of your bike should transfer over fine as far as we're aware.
If you have any more questions, please ask.

Maciej Maj

Hi, I plan to use Echo TR disc brake on the front and Magura MT5 on rear with this frame. Both on 180 mm discs. What kind of brake adapters would I need for that? Cheers! Maciej Maj

Posted by Maciej Maj

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Maciej!
As the Arcade frame uses a +20mm rear disc mount, you'll need to use the same size adaptor front and rear for your bike. If you're using 180mm rotors, you'll need to use a Front 180mm Adaptor for both brakes.
Either the QM12 Magura Adaptors or the Adaptor F Hope Adaptors would work perfectly.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Franz Neumayr

Hello, Is it possible to install the parts of my Inspired Flow Plus in this frame?

Posted by Franz Neumayr

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Franz - Most parts should transfer over fine, but your front hub won't be compatible with the Arcade forks so you'd either need to change your front hub or use your Flow Plus forks in the Arcade frame. Thanks, Mark

Parker Jamison

I have the 2014 brakeless arcade frame and I was wondering if it would be possible to weld brakemounts to the rear end. Would this increase the possibilty of the frame breaking? Thanks.

Posted by Parker Jamison

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Parker - It might be possible to weld brake mounts to the frame, but ideally you'd also need to weld a brace to the frame too. If you look at the Arcade frames with mounts, there's a bracing tube inside the rear triangle and you'd need that at least to help support the frame otherwise it isn't likely to last long. Thanks, Mark

Hiroyuki KISHI

Hello How is mirror red constructed? Nickel chrome plating? Hard Chrome Plating?

Posted by Hiroyuki KISHI

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - The frame is chrome plated, then sprayed with a translucent red lacquer. Thanks, Mark


Rear dropout size? What is the smallest axle size possible?

Posted by brandon

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Brandon - The rear dropouts are 10mm, and spaced at 135mm. We recommend using a 10mm axle, but if you have a smaller axle size you could potentially create some spacers/adaptors for it to fit in the dropouts properly too. Thanks, Mark

Peter Norman

I need to cut my steerer tube on the fork. What size tap will I need to add more threads for the screw on top cap?

Posted by Peter Norman

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Peter - The Arcade top cap is M25 x 1.5. Thanks, Mark

Jack Heard

could I run this crank set on the arcade with a 22t sprocket? https://www.sram.com/truvativ/products/descendant-carbon-crankset

Posted by Jack Heard

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jack - Unfortunately, we don't have any experience with this crankset and finding useful information is difficult, so we couldn't say for sure, sorry. Thanks, Mark

About the Hubs

Hi Tarty :) Want to ask you about my hubs:) I have a Fourplay Pro 2013 with Trialtech hubs already. But now I want to change my old FP to this beauty - Arcade:) And the question - Can my Trialtech hubs works with Arcade frame or I must to change the hubs too because Arcade frame has an Axle bolts system? Thank,you:)

Posted by About the Hubs

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi there - thanks for your question. The rear hub would fit fine, but the front wouldn't work with the current system. Fortunately, Inspired make an adaptor for this exact purpose! If you use these with your current hub and not use the supplied axle at all, your current hub will work fine: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?product_id=12292 Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, Can you confirm if you can run a 16t cog on this model? Cheers James

Posted by James

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James - thanks for your question. Yes, the dropouts have been made slightly longer so you can use a 16t sprocket more easily than the previous model. You would just need to use 2mm longer bolts in your chain tugs! Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


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