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Trialtech Foam (with Bar Plugs)

Product code: 10443


On order

Trialtech Foam (with Bar Plugs)

More stock due in July 2019

- Medium density foam grips by Trialtech.
- Comfy foam construction cushions your hands and feel great with or without gloves.
- Tough and durable compound outlasts other similar foam grips.
- The foam also helps to soak up sweat and water.
- Includes plastic bar end plugs as shown.
- Features printed Trialtech logos positioned at the end of the grips to minimise wear.
- Outer diameter when fitted to a handlebar: 30mm.
- Lightweight at only 33g a pair.

Additional Information

For best results, we recommend sticking these grips down with spray adhesive, such as 3M Spray Mount or Hobbycraft Repositionable Spray Adhesive.


Sam Song

Hi, I am using the Trialtech foams from a few years ago, when there were no multiple versions. If I want the exact same thickness, which one should I get?

Posted by Sam Song

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sam - The 'Thick' version are closest to the ones you're currently using. Thanks, Mark


Do you reckon these would fit on the rockman rockbar 7050? I think the bar may be a tad thinner than normal - but I can't really tell! Thanks

Posted by Ross

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ross - thanks for your question. Yes, these will fit those bars just fine. All the grips and handlebars we stock are compatible with each other. Thanks, Flipp.


Do you know what grip is better the foam grip or rubber grip? For I know nothing about grips.😆😋😎

Posted by Alice

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi - It's a personal thing, but generally I find rubber grips better with gloves, and foam grips without :-) Thanks, Adam


do the thin ones have a big thickness diffrence from standard

Posted by Mark

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - They are approx. 3mm thinner overall, so there is a slight difference in thickness. Thanks, Mark


Hey, would these fit on the handlebar = Trial Tech High Rise Bar Art: 011 073?

Posted by Markus

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Markus - These grips should work fine with those bars. Thanks, Mark

James Almond

these girps are slipping around when i put them on, i didnt use anything to put them on with, do you know anything that will be good for making them that still?

Posted by James Almond

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James - There is special grip glue you can get from places like motocross shops. Alternatively, you can use spray paint or lacquer. I personally use satin black spray paint for my grips (my bars have a satin black finish, so any excess doesn't show up). If you decide to use paint you need to be pretty quick getting them on as they stick quite quickly, and they're really hard to move afterwards! Thanks, Mark


how wide are these grips?(:

Posted by James

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James - These grips are 135mm wide. Thanks, Mark

Josh Kydd

Just to confirm, are these grips 30mm when on the bars? Or 30mm before fitting and then a little 'fatter' when on the bars? Cheers Josh

Posted by Josh Kydd

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Josh - That was measured with the grips on the bars. Thanks, Mark


Write a review


Based on 19 customer ratings



Posted by Eric

Best grips I ever had!



Posted by George

Received today, Put 'em' on, and WoW they feel amazing. would recommend to anyone. Thanks tartybikes



Posted by Kieran

Worth every bit of the £6. Would buy these again no problem!


Great grips

Posted by Sam

Really really comfortable grips that last well. I find they're a little oversize so to ensure they don't slip I wrap a layer of electrical tape on my bars, spray some spray paint on the tape and then slide them on. This sounds dramatic but you will never get a more positive grip adhesion than this. Even lock ons and rubber grips slip easier than this method. Excellent value for money.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sam - thanks for the review. That's a great method for sure, I've used it plenty of times myself. Hopefully that might help anyone having that issue! Thanks, Flipp.



Posted by Corey

Easily the best grips, super comfy


The most amazing grips ever.

Posted by Joe

I used to not be able to ride longer than 3 hours or so because of my calluses hurting so bad (with or without gloves) but literally, day 1 of riding with these, I rode 8 hours straight and only had to stop because I hadn't eaten anything all day. :) I will never use any other grips ever again.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Joe - glad you're happy with your purchase. A lot of people seem to agree with you! Thanks, Flipp.


Love the thin ones

Posted by Jamie

Never really been much of a fan of foam grips, the thin ones really do justice though. Hands are no longer cheese grated from new rubber grips either, win win!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jamie - For summer riding with no gloves, we're all pretty big fans of foam grips here! I'm glad you've found a set you like. Thanks for the review!


Excellent Grips

Posted by Daniel

After years of my hands facing what feels like Hell being spewed to the surface of my ever so delicate palms, They're now being kissed by angels thanks to the discovery of these superlative grips. Imagine you have your hand inside a pillow, now imagine feeling comfort like that after 6 hours of brutal riding, yeah, that's what these grips are like. and the grip they provide, even my LGMs slip more than my hands... and I'm one hell of a sweaty guy.. I'm never going elsewhere when it comes to grips.. A pure winner!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Daniel - I'm glad you're happy with the grips! They're certainly a popular grip so it seems plenty of people agree with you. Thanks for the review.


the only grip to buy

Posted by ant

Best grips I've ever used and after everyone who's tried my bike they have got them too.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ant - Stan would definitely agree with you there, he loves his Trialtech grips! Thanks for the review.



Posted by Callum

Nifty little replacement grips, recommend the standard if you are heavy handed. :D Thanks guys!!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Callum - It's good to hear you like these grips. They do seem to work well which would probably explain why they're always in the top 5 of the "Popular Products" section on the homepage! Thanks for the review.


So comfy and hard hearing.

Posted by dann2707

Easily the best grips on the market. I've opted for the thinner ones this time as I found the others ever too large to grip but I only have small hands. Seems all good :D

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Dan - This definitely matches up with what we've found ourselves. The Trialtechs seem to just be a bit denser than other grips, so they do tend to last a little longer. The new, thinner diameter feels good too. Thanks for the review!


great grips

Posted by chris

i think one of the best grips out there cheers


A Fantastic Grip!

Posted by LukeJustLuke

If you don't wear gloves and want to look after your fairy soft hands then these are the grips you need! A must have for any trials rider! FANTASTIC!


just wow !

Posted by Guy

Usually i use very thick grips. TartyBikes decided to put these grips on my new bike so i gave it a try - no more warts on hands, no more pain after a small break... i couldn't believe how good they are!



Posted by Kurtis

These grips are AMAZING! the best i've ever had. They don't hurt your hands after a long days riding, last long and don't get slippy when wet or sweaty. They are really comfy as well. Kurtis :)



Posted by Laurence

These grips are amazing extreamly cheep for their quality and wear life. They're very comfy and work in all weather and if you like to save some weight aswell, these are the grips you want. Highly recommended!


Best grips

Posted by Christian

If you dont like loc-ons, these are the only grips to use, long wear life and very comfy.

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