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RockMan Foam

Product code: 10207


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RockMan Foam

Thick, with bar end plugs
Thin, without bar end plugs

Sold out

- Comfy foam grips by Rock Pads, available in two sizes!
- Comfy foam construction cushions your hands slightly, and are great with or without gloves.
- The foam also helps to soak up sweat and water.
- Plastic bar plugs only included with Thick grips.
- Very lightweight!
- Outer diameter when fitted to a handlebar: Thin - 24mm, Thick - 28mm.
- Weight: Approx 20g including bar end plugs.



Hi. What would be the best way to fit these grips as the trial tech foams were so hard to get on? thanks

Posted by derek on 01/08/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/08/2011

Hi Derek - Meths (methylated spirits) work well for installing foam grips. You can also use other sorts of things like lacquer, spray-paint, or hairspray. Anything liquid that either fully evaporates or dries 'tacky' would be perfect! Thanks, Mark

Owen Partaik

I just got these for my Onza Tyke and they seem quite hard will they soften up the more i use them?

Posted by Owen Partaik on 09/08/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/08/2016

Hi Owen - They do break in a little, although if you've gone from thinner, worn out grips to a new set of thicker grips what can happen is that your hands take a little time to adjust to the new size. As you ride you'll develop some callouses on your hands, and when you change grip diameter these can then be in the 'wrong' place which can lead to a bit of discomfort at first. It usually resolves itself fairly quickly though. Thanks, Mark


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Very comfy

Posted by Dave on 18/03/2011

After using rubber grips all my life I thought I'd give some foams a try but I was a bit dubious when I got sent these instead of the trialtechs following their great reviews. I must say though that I find the thick rockmans far comfier than Trialtechs I've used since and won't be using anything else from now on, awesome grips!!



Posted by Jay on 16/06/2011

These are great grips, so much comfier and easier to ride with for long periods than rubber grips. But just like all other grips, pain in the arse to fit!

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/06/2011

Hi Jay - If you've got any methylated spirits you can spray that on the inside of the grip and then slide them on nice and easily. Thanks, Mark



Posted by Jordan on 15/05/2012

I had the 'Trial Tech' foams before I bought these. I have to say that they are both lovely grips to ride with but I think these were better for me. Trial Tech's are still good grips though.

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/05/2012

Hi Jordan - I'm glad you like the grips. Thanks for the review!


They're comfortable

Posted by Andrea on 06/06/2012

Much more comfortable than traditional rubber grips and the grip with the gloves is very nice

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/06/2012

Hi Andrea - Foam grips are a great alternative to rubber grips. We're all big fans of them here. Thanks for the review!


Broke after a month of riding

Posted by Michael on 27/06/2012

At first I liked the grips. A bit thinner than my old Trialtechs, but after riding the grips they ripped up and eventually ripped completely off when doing a side hop which resulted in a rather sore fall. Maybe I just got a bad set, but until they broke I thought they were rather comfy.

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/06/2012

Hi Michael - Sorry to hear your grips tore. Grips are a tricky one in the sense that if you happen to fall off/drop your bike and it lands on the grips, they're more susceptible to damage. I know in the past I've used different brands of foam grips and have happened to go over the bars and tear grips relatively soon after fitting them - it's one of the 'downsides' of using foam grips. They're comfier and tend to absorb sweat better than other grips, but they aren't quite as tough as rubber grips generally. Usually I'd expect to get longer than a month from a set of RockMan grips though, so it is a little surprising to hear they've only lasted you that long. One little tip I've found has helped my grips last longer is to wrap a little electrical tape around the ends of my grips. This stops tears from forming at the ends, so it stops them being able to rip along their length. I usually use half the width of the tape on the end of my bars, then use my bar plugs to tuck the other half of the tape around the end of the grip and into my bars.


not good

Posted by connor on 07/04/2014

I've used these grips for all of a 4 hours in total I did not fall off of hit them in any way but after the first 2 hours the left one started to rip in the middle of it. Not happy with them at all

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/04/2014

Hi Connor - sorry to hear you've had issues with these grips, that's very unusual. We sell a lot of these grips and we've not heard of people having problems. We would like to offer you a discounted set of Trialtech foam grips. If that interests you, please get in touch! Thanks, Flipp.

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