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Hope Tech Evo Lever

Product code: 11071


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Hope Tech Evo Lever

Black (Stealth Black)

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- Brake lever assembly to fit most of their latest model open system brakes, including the Mono Trial.
- This latest lever from Hope features independent bite point and reach adjustment, allowing you to finely tweak the feel of your brake and get it just how you like it.
- New 'Evo' system uses cams to join the control dials and push rod, giving a smoother action and improving power.
- You can now adjust how far through the lever stroke your brake bites, something not possible with the standard Mini lever.
- Supplied as a complete lever, simply fit your existing hose with the fittings supplied, re-bleed and you're away!
- Fits both left and right hand, the lever is symmetrical and works both ways up due to a clever reservoir with two diaphragms.
- Weight: 121g (only 20g heavier than a standard lever!)


Rob Blakeley

Hi this may seem a bit of a strange question but can you run HS33's on any lever? I've got a HS33 rear and a Magura Louise front and the levers are doing my head in. Can I use a pair of Hope or Echo levers?

Posted by Rob Blakeley on 26/02/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 28/02/2011

Hi Rob - Unfortunately the Hope levers only fit Hope brakes. You could use an Echo TR or SL lever with your HS33, but you can only use Magura's disc levers to fit their disc brakes. Thanks, Mark


Hi! I wonder, if these levers would fit my Hope Mono 6 Brakes. Like the Tech levers more than the Minis... Thanks!

Posted by Dennis on 11/11/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/11/2013

Hi Dennis - thanks for your question. Yes, that should work absolutely fine. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, compatible with hope mono trial caliper?

Posted by Oleg on 20/11/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/11/2013

Hi Oleg - yes, that will work absolutely fine. Thanks, Flipp.


Can this lever be installed on an Echo disk brake slave?

Posted by Tom on 07/08/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/08/2014

Hi Tom - thanks for your question. Unfortunately it cannot - the pistons in the levers are different diameters so the forces would be incorrect and not work well at all. Thanks, Flipp.

Emil Neuhauser

Hi! If I connect the hope tech evo leaver with my hope trial zone caliper, will there be any brake power get lost ? Or does it work fine? Thank you Regards

Posted by Emil Neuhauser on 21/01/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 21/01/2015

Hi Emil - thanks for your question. Those two will work together perfectly! Thanks, Flipp.


when will there be more of these levers in stock trying to order 2 but there is only the one left in stock

Posted by liam on 16/11/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/11/2016

Hi Liam - We usually only carry one of these in stock but ordering a second in should be no problem. I've created an item in our Workshop Charge product page (search for Quick Find Code: 10702) for you to special order the second one, so all you'd need to do is order that and the one existing Hope lever we've got in stock and we can make sure two get sent out to you. Just so you're aware, as it's a special order item it might take up to a week to arrive with us, although we'll do our best to make sure you get your pair of levers as soon as possible. If you've got any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks, Mark


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Great quality

Posted by Laurent on 12/10/2014

This combined with a hope "trial zone" caliper (with Jitsie pads) make a very powerful brake with a lot of bite. The Hope Tech Evo lever looks like a quality product compared with my previous magura MT7 brakes. And comapred to the "trial Zone" lever, this one is a lot more adjustable especially with the reach adjustment wich is a great feature.

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