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Try-All ISIS

Product code: 52

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Try-All ISIS

165mm, Silver
175mm, Silver

Sold out

- ISIS cranks from Try-All, forged from high quality aluminium alloy, and as used by many top riders.
- Fits all ISIS bottom brackets.
- International standard 1.37" x 24tpi thread to accept a front freewheel or screw-on fixed sprocket.
- Wide threaded section on the 170mm and 175mm arms only allows a bashguard to be used also. Please note that the 160mm and 165mm cranks are to be used with a freewheel or sprocket only (no bashring) as they have shorter threads.
- Super light yet still stiff and strong enough for competition use.
- Tough anodised matt finish, with raised silver Try-All logo.
- Various lengths available - any no longer listed are discontinued.
- Weight: 410g, (160mm length), 427g (165mm length), 438g (170mm length), 443g (175mm length).
- Offset: 31mm

Additional Information

Ensure that your pedals are tightened to at least 310 in-lbs (35 Nm) every 5 minutes for the first few rides. Before fitting, it's also a good idea to make sure your pedal axles are clean (a wire brush works well) then greased before installation.
Similarly, always check crank bolt torque is at least 310 in-lbs (35 Nm) every 5 minutes for the first few rides, then each and every ride after that.
Failure to keep your pedals or crank bolts tight as described above is likely damage your cranks and this will not be covered under warranty.

Please note that the minimum required thread contact between crank arm and sprocket/freewheel is 7mm, and a 1.37" sprocket/freewheel with maximum internal thread diameter 33.80mm (NOT 1.375") must be used. Failure to adhere to this instruction will damage the cranks threads and this is not covered under warranty.


Carsten Hoffmann

Hello, what kind of thread does these cranks have? Kind regards, Carsten.

Posted by Carsten Hoffmann on 10/09/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/09/2013

Hi Carsten - the threads on these cranks are standard sizes, like the rest of the cranks we supply. The pedal threads are the standard 9/16", and the freewheel threads are 1.37"x24tpi. Thanks, Flipp.


are these cracks in version 165 compatible to echo mk 4 with scew on freewheel... i dont use bashring thanks

Posted by nafi on 21/03/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/03/2016

Hi Nafi - These cranks should work fine on your Echo. Thanks, Mark


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The best cranks for front freewheel

Posted by Paul on 06/04/2012

Very nice cranks, good amount of offset and nice weight.

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/04/2012

Hi Paul - These cranks have been one of our top sellers for a long time for those very reasons. Thanks for the review.


Cranks on Echo Pure "03

Posted by Roman on 17/07/2012

Stylish, reliable and lightweight, a true classic I'd call it now, in 2012. Used since 2009 on a Echo Pure 2003 frameset. Would recommend as a default option for all riders, if you need a balance between reasonable price tag, build quality and functionality, look no further. Thanks.

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