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#Hashtagg Freewheel

Product code: 12560


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#Hashtagg Freewheel

Screw-on fitment, 16T
Screw-on fitment, 18T
Splined fitment, 18T - no longer available

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High engagement freewheel from French brand #Hashtagg!

  • Available in screw-on fitment.
- As featured on the #Hashtagg BB30 Crankset
- Please note that this freewheel will only fit the #Hashtagg and Try-All BB30 cranks.
- Splined interface makes fitting and removing the freewheel easy! No vice or extension bars necessary!
- Also available with 1.37" x 24tpi threads to fit all most all screw-on hubs and cranks.
- 120 engagements per revolution provided by three sets of three pawls.
- Available in 16T (with graphics) or 18T (no graphics).
- Sold singly.
- Weight: 155g.

Additional Information

Always ensure the lockring is kept tight, failure to do so may limit chances of any warranty replacement being issued. If you need help with how to do this then just give us a call.

Freewheel sound level:

All freewheels tested under similar conditions. Please note that the sound level of a freewheel may change after bedding in. A 10 dB increase in sound level is approximately equivalent to double the perceived volume.


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Stealth freewheel

Posted by Dean

Hello I ordered these on 23/7/17 and date of this review is 10/8/17 to give you a time in use. I got this freewheel in the screw on version as I wanted to replicate: #Hashtagg 2-Piece Crankset V2.0 Product code: 13030 I like the look of the 2-Piece set but I all ways change my cranks length depending on what terrain I'm riding and wanted a 3-piece for ease of use. Anyway I run mostly, 160mm #Hashtagg ISIS Cranks (pair Product code: 12874) teamed up with Trialtech Race Twin-Sided Bashring(Product code: 12699. I use both left and right foot forward) on a Jitsie ISIS BB(Product code: 12912. Silver looks nice with silver cranks) and the freewheel fits right in. Strong and quiet engagement points never misses, 77dBA quiet is a huge plus to hear your bike tyres touching surfaces(I run double disc's aswell). No more ear bleeding ratcheting from most freewheels, a huge confidence boost. One thing to note is that the screw on does not come with the hashtag logo on the shell and as a result I was considering lowering my review score because of this, but honestly, mechanically for trials, it's flawless.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Dean - Thanks for the very detailed review, it's good to get more info about your setup. Regarding the freewheel, you've received the updated version of the freewheel which has a thicker drive shell (you might notice it has more of a bulge under the teeth of the freewheel) but no longer has Hashtagg graphics. We'll make sure to put a note on the website about this until we can get new photos of it. Thanks again for the review/info!

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