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Bonz Pro Light 135

Product code: 13034


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Bonz Pro Light 135

- New sealed bearing 135 engagement point freewheel from Bonz.
- 135 engagement points are achieved by using 3 offset groups of 3 pawls into a 45 tooth ratchet.
- Each pawl is actuated with an individual spring, giving precise, reliable engagement.
- Dual sealed bearing design gives great driveshell stability, as well as allowing a unique design that requires no lockring (the bearings are held in place using an external circlip), helping to save weight. Please note that this produces more 'drag' than a regular single speed freewheel.
- The freewheel width is kept to a minimum to by using BB-style removal tabs - this means the freewheel can be removed with a Shimano-style 20 spline bottom bracket tool.
- Laser etched Bonz graphics on the drive shell look great.
- Please note: You must use a freewheel spacer between the freewheel and the bashring (or crank arm if you aren't using a bashring), unless you are using a bashring with a wider section/lip at the base.
- 1.37" x 24tpi thread fits almost all hubs and cranks.
- Available in 18t only.
- Weight: 175g

Freewheel width: 18.90mm

This freewheel must be bedded in before trials use, to ensure any excess grease used when assembling the freewheel works away from the mechanism. You can do this by riding the freewheel around 'normally' for a few hours, both freewheeling and engaging the mechanism gently. If the freewheel is subjected to trials use without having been bedded in, the pawls will not engage correctly and this causes the freewheel to skip, damaging the pawls and ratchet. Failure to bed the freewheel in correctly will void the warranty.

Additional Information

Please note that this freewheel MUST be bedded in with 'normal' riding before trials use. We also recommend thinning out the grease inside this freewheel after the bedding in period, since the sealed bearings will expel any excess grease when new and this will enter the pawl mechanism.

Freewheel sound level:

All freewheels tested under similar conditions. Please note that the sound level of a freewheel may change after bedding in. A 10 dB increase in sound level is approximately equivalent to double the perceived volume.



Will this fit hope pro2 evo rear hub on the arcade 2015?

Posted by Jack on 12/10/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/10/2015

Hi Jack - This freewheel won't fit on your Hope hub, sorry. Thanks, Mark


Hello, Do you sell the tool required for removing this freewheel from your cranks? Thanks.

Posted by Owen on 09/04/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/04/2016

Hi Owen - Any standard 20-spline BB tool should remove this type of freewheel absolutely fine. For example, our Cyclo BB Tool (Quick find code: 011891) would work well. To ensure that it stays in place, we would recommend bolting the tool to the crank if possible. Thanks, Mark


Do I understand this correctly? You need an extra spacer even though you run a bashring? How thick should it be and should it be thicker when run without a bashring?

Posted by Nico on 24/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 25/05/2016

Hi Nico - You need to use a spacer between the bashring and freewheel as, unlike other freewheels, this freewheel doesn't have a built-in lip on the rear of the freewheel. If you didn't run a spacer, then your bashring would be in contact with the rear face of the freewheel so it wouldn't work. Using a thin spacer move the bashring away from the freewheel, preventing it making contact with it. A spacer like the Monty model on our website (Quick find code: 012728) would be fine. Thanks, Mark


Hi guys, The other day, I emailed you and asked if this freewheel will fit my 2005 Vario Styx. I forgot to tell you that I want this on my bottom bracket, and that I have 2005 Tensile cranks and a 2005 Tensile bashring. Thanks!!!

Posted by Leslie on 14/07/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 14/07/2016

Hi Leslie - If you have the Tensile UCI bash which sits on a separate splined part of the crank arm, rather than over the threaded section, then this should work fine although you will need to use a thin spacer (e.g. the Monty 2mm freewheel spacer) between it and the freewheel. If it's the standard Tensile crank arm without the separate splined part, so the bashring sits directly on the threaded section, then it won't work unfortunately. With the bashring and a spacer, you will reduce the thread contact for the freewheel and it will be much more likely to strip the threads on your cranks. Thanks, Mark

James Russell

Will this freewheel fit my redline pl-26 hub?

Posted by James Russell on 03/05/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/05/2017

Hi James - I'm not familiar with those hubs, but one way to check is whether your rear freewheel at present is 16t or above. Most 16t or above freewheels use a standard thread (as do our freewheels), whereas if it's below 16t that would suggest your hub was threaded for microdrive freewheels. If it is 16t or above then I think this freewheel should fit your bike fine. Thanks, Mark


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