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Try-All Stiky Rear 26"

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Try-All Stiky Rear 26"

- Trials-specific 'Stiky' compound tyre.
- Thick sidewalls for good pinch flat resistance.
- As used by top UCI World riders Vincent Hermance and the Coustellier brothers.
- 2.5" profile offers high levels of grip, especially when run at low pressures.
- Triangular tread pattern is different to most tyres, ensuring good grip and mud shedding properties.
- Weight: 1309g

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All tyres tested under similar conditions.


Richard Middleton

Is the weight for a pair of tyres? 1300g seems alot!

Posted by Richard Middleton on 08/01/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/01/2015

Hi Richard - thank for your question. No - that is just the weight of the rear tyre. Large volume, dual-ply tyres are quite heavy compared with light-weight, single ply tyres! The dual-ply High Roller and Der Kaiser are a similar weight. Thanks, Flipp.

Iolo Roberts

Size for size & pressure for pressure, why use a trials specific tyre instead of a mountain bike tyre? I can guess but would like expert opinion. Last year I got a trials bike to improve my MTB skills but I've seen the error of my ways. Trials riding has become a fascination in itself. I'm regularly hopping about on the rear wheel (still a bit random!!) , over 50 and need as much rebound from my tyres as I can get! What tyre spec should I be looking for to give max bounce at 12~18psi? Eg single or double ply etc. Cheers

Posted by Iolo Roberts on 08/04/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/04/2017

Hi Iolo - Typically, trials tyres will use softer compound rubber with a slower rebound, which in turn helps with tyre stability. The tread pattern also tends to be a little more trials specific, so generally speaking they'll have more defined edges to the blocks (whereas often MTB tyres will be a little more chamfered), and will quite often be a little lower profile to save weight. A good example of this would be the Jitsie Reverz or Monty Pro Race tyres which have very minimal tread. Having this lower profile tread means you can save weight, but also get clearance on frames whilst having a very big carcass/internal volume too. A 2.5" tyre which has a lot of tread will have to generally have a smaller carcass/internal volume to meet that size, and the reduced internal volume will typically lead to less bounce. In terms of bounce, it generally comes as a trade-off with stability. Continental Rubber Queen tyres used to be renowned for their bounce, but they were fairly unstable because their sidewalls were quite thin. By contrast, the Continental Der Kaiser was known as being the most stable and grippy tyre around, but it had relatively little bounce because of the tougher carcass. This means it comes down to what you're looking for in a tyre, and where you place puncture protection, stability, grip and bounce. Most trials tyres now are very similar to the VeeTireCo AM WAW tyre, the Monty Pro Race, Jitsie Reverz or the Try-All Forward. The Try-All Stiky is a bit heavier and consequently has more puncture resistance and stability, but won't have quite the same bounce as the other tyres I've mentioned. For bounce, single ply and large volume is what you need to be looking for. Hopefully this helps! Thanks, Mark


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