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Sapim Race 26", Black

Product code: 239

From £23.33 to £25.00

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Sapim Race 26", Black

With Brass Nipples
Without Nipples

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Please specify your exact model of hub, rim & number of spokes when ordering!

- Sapim Race double butted (2.0 - 1.8 - 2.0) spokes, available through Tarty Bikes for Tarty wheelbuilds or as separate sale items.
- Available in most common sizes for 26" wheels: we stock 250mm through to 272mm in 2mm increments, and they can be purchased either with or without 12mm Sapim Polyax Brass nipples (in case you wish to use alloy nipples).
- Possibly the finest stainless steel spokes available anywhere.
- Double Butted spokes build more durable wheels than cheaper plain gauge. Why? The spokes can flex in the centre, rather than transferring the load to the head, which is where spokes are more prone to breaking.
- Butting also makes the spokes lighter.
- Sapim sponsor Kenny Belaey: 6x World Champion, World Cup winner, European Champion and 8x Belgian Champion.
- Price is for 32 or 36 silver spokes, depending on how many you require.

When ordering spokes separately (not as part of a wheelbuild), these will be supplied taped up into bundles with the length of the spokes clearly labelled.

Your receipt, which will either be in the documents enclosed wallet on the front of your parcel or inside the jiffy bag, will also have a spoke length information chart stapled to it.

This spoke chart will detail which length spokes are to be used where (front, rear, drive side or disc side) and which lacing pattern is to be used.

If you do not understand this information, we strongly recommend taking your items to a wheelbuilder for lacing. Please do not contact us asking for spoke information after your order has been delivered, everything you need to know is detailed on this sheet.

If you intend to provide your own spoke lengths then please ensure you measure your current spokes correctly. Please see this photo for more info.

If you know which lengths you need, please add this to the notes field when you check out.

If you are unsure what length spokes you need, then please write in the notes field which exact rim and hub you are using (brand, model, year if possible), whether the wheel is front or rear (or a pair if you have ordered 2 quantity of spokes), and number of spoke holes (28h/32h/36h). We will then work out the lengths for you - simple!

Please make sure you supply the above information or it may result in a delay with your order!

To ensure the notes come through correctly, please do not use special characters such as ", this truncates the notes field and we will need to contact you to confirm the rest of the notes.

Please note that spokes cannot be returned once they have been laced into a wheel.


stuart lloyd

hi there im very intrested in buying some sapim race spokes in black and silver, iv already worked out which sizes i need but im unshore the size of nipples that you supply with the spokes, would you be albe to let me know, also would you prefer me to still provid you with the hub, rim information so that you can check my figures? regards stuart

Posted by stuart lloyd on 08/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/01/2011

Hi Stuart - They are supplied with 12mm nipples. In case we don't have the exact length you're after, letting us know the rim/hub combination would be good in case we need to work out an alternative. Thanks, Mark

Oliver Chambers

Can you supply different colour nipples with the set?

Posted by Oliver Chambers on 08/02/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/02/2013

Hello - Unfortunately, we only have silver nipples available with these spokes. We do have alloy nipples available separately in a range of colours in our Spoke Nipples section though. Thanks, Mark


Hey, what size spokes would i need for V!Z Sealed Non Disc Front (012116) on a Try-All Front rim (000115)?

Posted by damon on 09/08/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/08/2013

Hi Damon - thanks for your question. If you add those details and what lacing pattern you want to the notes field when you place your order, we will work out what length you need. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi I'm building a wheel set with Echo TR Hubs and Neon Single wall rims. I have worked out the spoke lengths and i think I need the following: Front: 254mm X 16 262mm X 16 Rear: 258mm X 32 Are you able to supply those lengths in black, and how do I specifically order those lengths? JC

Posted by Jack on 08/12/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/12/2014

Hi Jack - thanks for your question. We have all those lengths available - to order them simply add your spokes to the basket and go to the checkout. There will be a "Notes" field where you can insert your details on the screen after confirming your address. Thanks, Flipp.

Ryan McVicker

What gauge are the spokes? And do brass nipples tear/wear out?... the nipples on my bike have torn right off and bent....

Posted by Ryan McVicker on 12/12/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 13/12/2012

Hi Ryan - These spokes are the 2.0/1.8/2.0 gauge spokes. Brass nipples are pretty tough and don't really wear out as such. I've never really seen a nipple - either alloy or brass - tear/bend while in use; the damage to them typically occurs while they're being tensioned through the use of an incorrectly sized or worn spoke key. If your spokes are too short and there isn't enough support for the nipple then I suppose they could snap from that, but that's due to the spokes being an issue rather than the nipples themselvse. Thanks, Mark

Farits Jambajevs

Hello! Could you please advice spoke length for Rockman single wall 26" rear rim and Echo TR rear hub 135 mm ?

Posted by Farits Jambajevs on 27/06/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/06/2013

Hi Farits - thanks for your question. Please provide your dimensions and information in the notes field when placing your order. We will work out the size you need from there. Thanks, Flipp.


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