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Onza Zoot

Product code: 11230

£458.33RRP: £474.17(Save 3%)

On order

Onza Zoot

Dispatch time 1-2 days - this bike is assembled in our workshop before dispatch. Minor assembly required on arrival, details supplied with bike.

The excellent value complete 24" trials bike from Onza, designed for streety tricks but still at home with pure trials moves.

- Excellent value 24" wheel trials bike from Onza, ideal for fast-learning beginners or intermediate riders.
- Updates for 2013 include a change to a Maroon and Yellow colour scheme, a change to Kenda K-Rad tyres and grippy Onza caged pedals.
- High grade 7005-T6 aluminium frame with rear disc and V-brake mounts, and head tube reinforcing gussets.
- Tough Onza cromoly forks with disc brake and V-brake mounts.
- Onza DD V-brakes front and rear with yellow brake pads.
- Double wall Onza rim on the rear and Onza single wall front rim, both drilled to reduce weight.
- Onza sealed rear and open non disc front hubs.
- Kenda K-Rad 2.3" tyres front and rear provide plenty of grip.
- Onza 175mm ISIS crankset with lightweight aluminium alloy bashring provides a stiffer pedaling response.
- Onza alloy 31.8mm trials stem in black, 110mm x 20 degree.
- Onza cromo riser handlebars in black.
- 18T 30-engagement Onza freewheel fitted to the cranks for great pedalling response, running 18-14 gear ratio.
- Matte Maroon frame and forks with Yellow Onza graphics and parts.
- Onza plastic pivotal seat and built in pivotal post keep things clean and lightweight.

Frame and Fork
- Frame: Onza Zoot, with integrated seat post and horizontal dropouts
- Fork: Onza Zoot, Steel, V-Brake and Disc mounts

- Front hub: Onza Open Bearing, nutted axle
- Rear hub: Onza Sealed Bearing, screw on
- Chain tensioner: Onza Chain Tugs
- Front rim: Onza Single Wall, 32 hole, 30mm wide
- Rear rim: Onza Double Wall, 32 hole, 38mm wide
- Spokes: Plain Gauge, Black
- Nipples: Brass
- Rim tape: Onza, White
- Inner tube (front): Kenda
- Inner tube (rear): Kenda
- Front tyre: Kenda K-Rad, 2.30"
- Rear tyre: Kenda K-Rad, 2.30"

- Front brake: Onza DD11 V-Brake
- Rear brake: Onza DD11 V-Brake

- Cranks: Onza Forged ISIS
- Freewheel: Onza 18T, 36 engagements
- Chain: KMC Z410
- Rear Sprocket: Onza Screw On, 14T
- Pedals: Onza Double Cage, Black
- Bottom bracket: Onza ISIS
- Bashring: Onza Comp

- Headset: Onza Open Bearing
- Stem: Onza Welded, 110mm x 20°
- Grips: Onza Porcipaws
- Handlebars: Onza Steel Riser

- Saddle: Onza Pivotal


Wheelbase: 1035mm
Chainstay Length: 385mm
BB Rise: 30mm
Weight: 11.14kg

This bike is supplied with a 6 month warranty covering manufacturing and materials defects. The warranty does not cover mistreatment or poor maintenance. Please ensure all the details on the warranty sheet supplied with the bike are adhered to. Certain circumstances (such as stripped threads or rounded crank arm tapers) only occur due to a lack of correct maintenance and all manufacturers are aware of these situations, so any claims due to incorrect maintenance procedures are much less likely to be successful.

We build this bike to a 100% complete state in our workshop before dispatch to ensure all items are manufactured correctly and nothing is missing, but we do have to remove some parts to ensure there is no damage during transit. You will need some basic tools (usually 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm allen keys and a 15mm spanner) for final assembly upon arrival. We have a video guide here to help, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.



if you were to order this bike does it come assembled,partial assembled, or evry part individualy wrapped? and do you get the same bike as in the picture. and cheers mate

Posted by steve on 30/11/2010

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/12/2010

Hi, The bike comes around 95% assembled. We have a Video Guide showing how to assemble the bikes after delivery. This bike comes exactly as shown. Thanks, Adam


will the Maxxis Hi Roller Dual Ply 24" fit with an onza zoot ?

Posted by jamie on 04/12/2010

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/12/2010

Hi, Yes, it should fit no problem. Thanks, Adam

Josh rudgard-james

Why is the onza zoot almost 1 kg lighter than the inspired element and will the weight of this bike stunt it's perfromance against it's friend the inspired element? Thankyou.

Posted by Josh rudgard-james on 23/12/2010

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/12/2010

Hi Josh - The Inspired Element has other features such as a front disc brake and a more heavy duty drive-train that are beneficial to the bike, but do increase the weight compared to the Zoot. The advantages that these features give the bike outweigh (no pun intended) it's slightly larger weight. However, both the bikes are still very good, and I don't think you'd be disappointed by either. The Zoot has a great spec and frame for the money, so if you're just starting out and you're not sure if you'd like to invest a larger amount of money on your first bike then it may be a sound choice. Thanks, Mark


Hey, Would this bike be good for starters because it is in my price range but i don't know if i should go 20' or 24' if a 24' is good for starters ?

Posted by James on 27/12/2010

Reply from TartyBikes on 28/12/2010

Hi James - If you head to our Video Guides section, we have a video that discusses the different wheel sizes and which are best for which style of riding. Generally speaking, if your riding is more geared towards more BMX-influenced riding (think Danny MacAskill), then 24" is a good route to go. If you'd prefer to ride in a more trials-orientated way, it may be worth looking at our 20" range as they are a little easier to learn the basics of trials on. If you decide to go down the 24" route, the Zoot is a great bike to start out on. The bike's got a great frame with some quality parts on meaning they're ideal for everyone from beginners through to more expert riders. Thanks, Mark


I currently have a very light 20'' onza comp and ride comps. I am 15 and about 5'6, do you think it would be hard for me to adapt to a more streety style and a heavier bike?

Posted by Nick on 05/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/01/2011

Hi Nick - As you'd be riding the bike in a different style (generally rolling moves more than from static), the extra weight isn't an issue. It can sometimes be difficult changing from one bike to another if they have a very different style, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. If you're looking to try out a new style of riding then I'd recommend doing it as it blends some of the more fun aspects of trials with other disciplines like mountain biking and BMX, and means you can ride a greater variety of locations - always a bonus! Thanks, Mark


Hi, I am a beginner and am looking at the onza zoot and the inspired element. I was also reading that the people who bought the zoot where changing the stem, forks and converting it to a hydraulic disc brake system. Should i really be too concerned about this? I realize the element is double the price, but if I end up really enjoying this sport i will be kicking myself that i didn't buy the element. Would a beginner really notice a big difference between these two bikes? How much better is the element that the zoot really?

Posted by Russ on 14/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 14/01/2011

Hi Russ - If you check out the answers to questions #3 and #6 (asked by 'Josh rudgard-james' and 'scott paterson' respectively) there's some guidance there regarding the Zoot vs. the Element and whether to stick with a front V-brake or not. The Element does cost more, but you do get a lot for your money with it. The question then is just whether it's too much of a financial commitment or not. It'd be nice to think that everyone who tried riding a 24" bike would love it, but obviously it's not for everyone - if you think you've got a pretty good chance of it being the sort of riding you want to do, then investing more in the Element would be a good option. If you're unsure, then it may be wise to go for the Zoot - it's still a good bike, and it's a good base to upgrade on in the future if needs be. Thanks, Mark


Hi! What would i need to do to convert this bike to a hydraulic disc brake? Could i just buy a front hub that supports a disc hub or would i need to buy a new front wheel?

Posted by Russ on 30/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 31/01/2011

Hi Russ - You could buy the front hub (and then the relevant spokes) and get that laced into the standard front rim (instead of buying an entirely new wheel) if you wished - that would then allow you to run a disc on there. Thanks, Mark


Hi, would I be able to fit Magura HS33?

Posted by luis on 12/04/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/04/2011

Hi Luis - You would be able to fit a HS33 to the front or rear by using Magura Evo 2 Adaptors. These are available in the 'Brake Clamps' section of the website. Thanks, Mark


Hey Tartyfolk , congratulations on your continuing success ! Let's get tech : the Zoot accepts a 135mm hub , and I intend to run a Chris King hub ( having replaced the front freewheel with a fixed cog. ) Will the King's Funbolts fit through the Zoot's chain tensioner ? If not , will the clamping force of the bolts themselves be sufficient ? Thanks for your expertise !

Posted by Roderick on 15/06/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/06/2011

Hi Roderick - Firstly, thanks for the comment! Regarding the frame/Fun Bolt combo, the bolts themselves should have enough clamping force, but it would be possible to drill the chain tugs out to 12mm and use them as well. They wouldn't be a great fit around the 10mm section of the Fun Bolts, but they would still help out. Thanks, Mark


Hey would it be possible for you guys to help me wire the front brake cable down the steerer tube before shipping it out to me on a onza zoot 24 ? and thanks guys.

Posted by Milkessa on 18/07/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/07/2011

Hello - If you purchase the Gusset Hollow Star Nut Kit (Quick find code: 011013) with your bike then we can install that for you. Without that it wouldn't be possible to route your brake cable through your headtube, but with that it shouldn't be a problem at all. Thanks, Mark


Can the seat on this bike be adjusted up and down? So i can make the seatpost taller. Have looked everywhere....

Posted by George on 31/07/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/08/2011

Hi George - The post on the Zoot is integrated into the frame so it's non-adjustable, sorry. Thanks, Mark

daniel oakes

do you have to pedal really fast in order to make the bike move? thanks

Posted by daniel oakes on 18/08/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/08/2011

Hi - To ride at high speed, yes, but the bike is designed for trials use which is low speed. Thanks, Adam


would i be able to put a little bit bigger sprocket on the front.

Posted by skyler on 24/08/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 25/08/2011

Hi Skyler - Putting a larger sprocket on the front would be difficult as the Zoot uses a front freewheel setup. Finding reliable freewheels that are larger than 18t can be difficult. Alternatively, you could replace the screw-on sprocket on the rear hub with a smaller model (e.g. 12t or 13t) which would make the gear ratio harder. Thanks, Mark

connor flanagan

if i bought this bike, and then i bought the avid bb5 (160mm) would u be able to fit it for me??

Posted by connor flanagan on 30/10/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 31/10/2011

Hi Connor - You'd also need to buy a new front brake cable (as the standard one is cut to fit a V-Brake, not a disc), a new front disc hub, a new set of spokes (to fit your new hub to your rim) and a wheelbuild. If you do that, we should be able to fit the brake for you. Thanks, Mark


How much more would it cost to get a front disk brake fitted?

Posted by Lucas on 05/11/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/11/2011

Hi Lucas - That depends on which hub and disc brake you'd like to use. To work it out, you'd simply need to add the front disc hub of your choice, the front disc brake of your choice, 1 set of spokes (in either silver or black) and 1 wheelbuild to your basket. This will tell you the additional price to pay. Thanks, Mark

connor scott

Would you recommend this bike for street trials.

Posted by connor scott on 30/11/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/12/2011

Hi Connor - This bike is essentially designed for street trials so I think it should work pretty well! Thanks, Mark


would i be able to put an echo sl bashring on this bike or does it just take the stock onza zoot bash ring?

Posted by connor on 12/03/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/03/2012

Hi Connor - Putting an SL bashring onto the Zoot should be no problem. Thanks, Mark

connor scott

what type of bolts would i need for the back wheel as i have managed to round mine off, what would be the cheapest and what would be the most expensive type of bolt i could order off tartybikes?

Posted by connor scott on 14/03/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/03/2012

Hi Connor - You'd need to use M6 x 25 bolts for your rear wheel. We stock these in either steel (under our own name) or in Titanium (from Trialtech). If you head over to the Bolts section you should be able to track them down! Thanks, Mark


hi does the onza zoot come with disc brakes or do you have to buy them seperatly ???

Posted by kyle on 07/04/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/04/2012

Hi Kyle - The Zoot is fitted with V-Brakes as standard. It's possible to fit disc brakes although you'd need to buy them separately. You'd also need to change to disc hubs as the standard models are non-disc. Thanks, Mark


can you put discs on the onza zoots hubs because i know the frame and forks can take disc brakes but do you have to get new hubs if you want to use disc brakes? thanks

Posted by Chester on 08/05/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/05/2012

Hi Chester - As you've spotted the frame and fork are disc ready, but unfortunately the hubs aren't so you would need to get some new hubs to be able to put some disc rotors on. Thanks, Mark


Hey I was wondering if I could still buy the onza zoot in the previous orange color? :)

Posted by Liam on 09/09/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/09/2012

Hi Liam - That colour has been discontinued, so it's not possible to buy any more - sorry!


Do you offer this bike in any other colour? :) Thanks

Posted by Harry on 16/09/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/09/2012

Hi Harry - Onza only make this bike in this colour, sorry. Thanks, Mark


can a bash plate be fited to this bike?

Posted by 24 on 07/10/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/10/2012

Hello - The Zoot doesn't have any bashplate mounts so you wouldn't be able to fit a plate, sorry. None of the 24" or 26" bikes we sell have the required mounts for them. Thanks, Mark


How many spokes are in the front and rear wheels?

Posted by Rourke on 12/05/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 13/05/2013

Hi Rourke - The Zoot uses 32 spoke wheels front and rear. Thanks, Mark


I am thinking of getting this bike but I was just wondering how easy it would be to convert the front v brakes to disc brakes and how much it would cost. Also if I did buy disc brakes would it be possible for you to install them before you ship it out to me. Many thanks Jared

Posted by Jared on 18/07/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on

Hi Jared - it's possible, but it could end up being quite expensive. The front hub does not accommodate a disc brake, so you'd need to buy a new hub, spokes and a wheelbuild as well as the brake itself. You can buy an Avid BB5, an Avid FR5, and a Clarks Cable Kit for £52.60. As for the wheel, spokes, a hub and a wheelbuild would come to £56.50, so using each of the cheapest options available to you it would cost £109.10, on top of the £549 for the bike itself. We would be happy to install this to the bike for you, just be sure to mention it in the notes field when placing your order. Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, Probably a strange question to ask, Would this bike suitable for me as I have large shoes and on this 24 inch bmx I have, my shoes wear away on the front tyre as I turn so would this trials bike have the same problem, Thanks very much, David

Posted by David on 21/07/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/07/2013

Hi David - yep, that's the first time we've been asked that! It obviously depends on how big your feet are and where you put them on the pedals when you ride, but as far as we can tell there's a lot of room there, and you'd need truly enormous feet for that to happen. These bikes are notably longer than a 24" BMX, so you should be alright. Thanks, Flipp.

Charlie Askew

Hi there, I am in the process of saving up for this bike and i was just wondering if i could replace the rear hub with a freecoaster hub. If this is possible, could you recommend any specific types and could you tell me if i will need a specific size or will any fit?

Posted by Charlie Askew on 22/07/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/07/2013

Hi Charlie - it's possible, but we wouldn't advise it. There is only one freehub we know of that would fit your frame as they're almost exclusively for BMX frames (116mm spacing), and the Zoot has 135mm spaced dropouts. The one that would work is called a Geisha and is made by KHE, but freecoasters are very ill-suited to trials use. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, Im 31 and 84kg. Im interested in buying 24" trial bike. Can my weight couse the problems? Whats the weight capacity of trial bikes anyway? Is it bigger by 20" trial bikes? Thank you in advance Tomas, Slovakia

Posted by tomas on 25/08/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/08/2013

Hi Tomas - your weight will not be a problem as these bikes are designed to be strong. There is no advised weight limit for these bikes, though if you feel it's a problem then simply don't purchase the super lightweight parts. Thanks, Flipp.


Can you fit a chain tensioner to this bike

Posted by Jon on 29/09/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/09/2013

Hi Jon - this bike uses chain-tugs with horizontal dropouts. This takes care of the chain tensioning. You do not need to fit any other variety of chain tensioner, and cannot due to lack of anywhere to mount it. Thanks, Flipp.


What are the gear ratios on this bike

Posted by Jon on 29/09/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/09/2013

Hi Jon - as the description mentions, this bike uses an 18:14 gear ratio. Thanks, Flipp.


Is there any possible way to fit a chain tensioner to this bike

Posted by Jon on 30/09/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/10/2013

Hi Jon - you cannot fit a chain tensioner to this bike. It features chain tugs so that you don't need to use one, and because you don't need to use one there is no mount for one to be fitted. Thanks, Flipp.


What r the horizontal dropouts for

Posted by Jon on 01/10/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/10/2013

Hi Jon - horizontal dropouts allow the wheel to slide backwards and forwards which means the chain can be run tight. On other bikes they are used with snail cams which push the wheel further back, though this bike (along with some others including most Onzas) uses chain tugs, which hook over the back of the dropout and pull the wheel backwards. This method of chain keeping the chain tight means you don't need any form of chain tensioner bolted on to the frame, which means there is one less thing to break, and also saves weight. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi what size are the bars on this bike rise and width?

Posted by neil on 22/12/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/12/2013

Hi Neil - thanks for your question. The geometry of the bars is as follows: Width: 685mm (27in), Total rise: 91mm, Upsweep: 7° and Backsweep: 11°. Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.


how much will cost shipping this bike to Greece?

Posted by euris on 24/01/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 24/01/2014

Hi Euris - thanks for your question. To calculate your shipping costs, add your items to the basket and go to the checkout. Entering your address will let you see what postage options are available to you and their relative costs without committing you to the order. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello, I would like to ask what would happen if I change to my Onza Zoot forks for fork Inspired Element? Could you advise me what would happen if something changes or gets worse when driving with this trial bike? Thank you in advance for your reply. Sincerely František.

Posted by Frantisek on 05/05/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/05/2014

Hi Frantisek - thanks for your question. The Element forks are lighter, slightly longer, and have less axle offset. This would mean the front end of the bike would be slightly higher, and the steering a little more twitchy. The most notable change would be the weight - the Element forks are nearly 400g lighter than the Zoot forks! I hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


will the forks break like how much hardship will it take

Posted by james on 01/06/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/06/2014

Hi James - thanks for your question. These bikes are designed to take the knocks a bike is destined to encounter through trials riding and are strong enough for most people, though if you ride a lot more than most people or particularly hard then we have found the Inspired bikes to be quite a bit tougher. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


What would the best tire pressure be for this bike and different bike but what would it be for the onza tyke??

Posted by Ross on 07/08/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/08/2014

Hi Ross - thanks for your question. The best tyre pressure is whichever you feel you ride the best with. On this style of bike, most people usually have them slightly harder - around 30psi - where more competition oriented bikes they're usually a bit softer - around 20psi. They are very much approximations though - some people run 15psi and some people run 40psi, just find what you're comfortable with. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


I am looking to get this bike and I'm 13 1.5m and I weigh 5.5 stone I ride a bmx at the moment and tricks such as bunny hope seem to be difficult due to how heavy my bike is . how light is this bike and do you have any ideas on if I will be able to do tricks on this easily

Posted by darshan on 13/08/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 14/08/2014

Hi Darshan - thanks for your question. This bike weighs 11.14kg and is also considerably larger than a BMX. Because of your size, this might be even more difficult to manoeuvre than your BMX. Thanks, Flipp.


hi just wondering if you can fit a hollow starnut on it so i can spin the bars thanks nick

Posted by Nick on 01/10/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/10/2014

Hi Nick - yes, you could fit a hollow star nut to this bike just fine. Thanks, Flipp.


Hey, I'm looking to touch up the paint on this bike as mine is scratched, can you give me the paint code? Thanks, Toby

Posted by Toby on 31/08/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/09/2017

Hi Toby - Unfortunately we don't have the paint numbers for the bikes we stock, sorry. It may be worth sending Onza an e-mail directly. The only thing I'd mention is that with the finish on the frame, sometimes it's not possible to get an exact match - the paint code will match the colour, but the different lacquers/clearcoats they use will make it look slightly different, so getting a seamless cover-up might be tricky. You never know though! Thanks, Mark


Hello, i have the onza zoot (i Think its the 2012 edition) and i was wondering if there was any way too fit a bashplate too the underside? Thanks Richard

Posted by Richard on 18/06/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/06/2015

Hi Richard - thanks for your question. Unfortunately there is no mounting points for a bashplate on the frame so it is not possible. Thanks, Flipp.


I was wondering which bike is better for beginners to trials riding the onza zoot or the inspired flow. I am 14 and am 5'9" and weigh 125 pounds. Also price is a big factor

Posted by Trevor on 28/06/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 29/06/2015

Hi Trevor - thanks for your question. Both bikes are great for beginners so the choice is more down to how you want to ride. The Flow is a little more dedicated toward street trials, where the Zoot is a little more of an even hybrid between street and more "traditional" trials. Both will be great to learn on and feel quite similar to a beginner. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Johannes Raij Montanari

can I switch the brakes on this bike to disc brakes?

Posted by Johannes Raij Montanari on 27/09/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 28/09/2015

Hi Johannes - This is possible as the frame and fork already have disc mounts. Unfortunately the hubs are both non-disc so you would need to buy some disc hubs and lace them into a pair of wheels so that you'd be able to fit disc brake rotors to them. If you'd like any more information about this, feel free to e-mail us at TartyBikes@gmail.com. Thanks, Mark

Alexander Bell

Hi Interested in the onza zoot, but wondering if it has the ability for its bars to rotate 360 degrees to allow for tricks such as barspins and tailwhips. Thanks Alexander

Posted by Alexander Bell on 12/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/05/2016

Hi Alexander - The Zoot is capable of doing barspins, but we'd recommend using a Gusset Hollow Star Nut so you're able to route the front brake hose through the steerer tube to avoid the cables binding up. Thanks, Mark


I am interested in buying the Onza Zoot. I was wondering if it is possible to get the exact same bike but in a different colour? Thanks

Posted by Callum on 02/08/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/08/2016

Hi Callum - Unfortunately, the Zoot is only available in the colour shown, sorry. Thanks, Mark


I plan to use a different fork that is currently on a bike having 120mm head tube. Please tell me the length of the Zoot's head tube. Thanks.

Posted by Ron on 14/08/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/08/2016

Hi Ron - The Zoot frame has a 120mm head tube. Thanks, Mark


Hi, I was looking to possibly get the Onza Zoot but I am 5'11. Would the 24 be to small or does it just depend on personal preference. Thanks, Gabe

Posted by Gabe on 07/04/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/04/2017

Hi Gabe - I ride a 24" bike myself and I'm 6'1", so you shouldn't have any issues with the Zoot in terms of it feeling too small. For a 24" bike, the Zoot is relatively long and also has a longer than normal stem so it should feel fairly roomy. Thanks, Mark


Does everything you gays sale fitt on every bike? You guys have

Posted by VEGARD on 03/08/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/08/2017

Hi Vegard - Not all parts we stock are compatible with the each bike we sell. If you have any questions about specific parts, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help. Thanks, Mark

Iain Dodd

What size barings does it take?

Posted by Iain Dodd on 07/08/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/08/2017

Hi Iain - The Zoot uses different bearings throughout the bike. If you can e-mail us with the specific bearing you're looking for we'll do our best to help. As a rough guide, the rear hub and bottom bracket are sealed bearing, with the front hub and headset being open bearing. Thanks, Mark


Hi would you recommend this bike for someone as tall as 6 foot 4 and 17 years

Posted by Owain on 09/08/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/08/2017

Hi Owain - I think you should still fit the bike, although you may find you need to put a slightly longer stem on to 'grow' the bike a touch to suit your height. Going up to a 130mm or so stem should do the trick. Thanks, Mark


Is this bike suitable for the street, and suitable for heavy tricks such as, 360 °, 180 °, talewhip, high drops etc?

Posted by Maxi on 10/08/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/08/2017

Hello - The Zoot is designed for street trials so can generally handle those styles of move. The frame isn't quite as tough as the ones found on Inspired's range of bikes so it may break a little faster, but for the most part it should deal with it well. If you are more focussed on street riding (like the tricks you mentioned), you may benefit from changing to a 90mm x 35° stem rather than the longer stem fitted to the bike as standard. This shorter, higher stem will improve it for bunnyhops, manuals and so on. Thanks, Mark


Is this bike still available? The description says "updates for 2013"... What would shipping be to North Carolina, USA?

Posted by Michael on 15/10/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/10/2017

Hi Michael - The Zoot is in stock and ready to go. The bike spec was last fully updated by Onza in 2013, and has remained largely unchanged since then, which is why the description mentions that. It's still their current 24" model though. For shipping prices, if you add the bike to your basket then click 'View Basket', our website will calculate all the different options available for you and their respective prices. Thanks, Mark

scott paterson

Hey, I was wondering if i should change the brakes to disk brakes or to hydrolic. Which one do you think would be suitable? or should i just stick with the v-brakes?

Posted by scott paterson on 29/12/2010

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/12/2010

Hi Scott - There's no reason that a V-Brake can't be as good as a hydraulic rim brake with a good quality set of calipers, lever, pads and cable. If you're trying to keep costs down then I'd recommend sticking with the V-Brake on the Zoot as standard. To change to a disc brake you'd need to buy disc-ready hubs that would increase the cost of upgrading quite a lot. If price isn't as much of an issue I'd recommend upgrading to a disc on the front, as on a 24" bike like the Zoot a disc brake is a great choice as it offers a lot of modulation and power, whilst also being nice and quiet - perfect for stoppies and other front wheel moves. On the rear, I'd stick with the V-Brake as they don't require the use of adaptors that a hydraulic rim brake would need, keeping the rear of the bike nice, light and clean. It's also worth bearing in mind that for the price of a set of hydraulic rim brakes with adaptors you could buy a top quality V-Brake setup. Thanks, Mark

barty gwardys

I am a BMX rider but I want to switch to trials. I'm not sure what bike to choose, can you help me out? I think the best for me would be the Onza Zoot. I'm 14, weigh about 65 killograms and my height is also about 170cm.

Posted by barty gwardys on 15/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/01/2011

Hi Barty - If you're coming from a BMX background then the Zoot would probably be a good bet as it'll still allow you to do some BMX style moves on it, but also be good for riding trials on too. If you don't really want to do any BMX moves at all then a 20" maybe be a better option, although they will feel a lot different to your BMX. Thanks, Mark

Matt stamp

Would all the components on the onza zoot fit on the inspired fourplay frame?

Posted by Matt stamp on 23/04/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/04/2011

Hi Matt - I'm pretty sure everything would be compatible - you'd just need to buy a Pivotal post to use on the Inspired frame as the Zoot uses an integrated post whereas the Zoot doesn't. Thanks, Mark

Kyle Bosson

Hello, i was wondering if it would be possible to grind off the seat post for more clearance (or would it make such a little diferance that it wouldnt matter), if so is there something that i could seal up the hole with so that water stayed out?

Posted by Kyle Bosson on 10/05/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/05/2011

Hi Kyle - It'd be possible to do so, although there aren't really that many things you could use to seal up the hole. In all honesty, I think it'd be worth keeping the seat as even without the seat the frame doesn't have the same sort of clearance as a more dedicated frame. Thanks, Mark

Christopher Hansen

What is best V-Brakes or Disc brakes?? :) And is it a good beginners bike?

Posted by Christopher Hansen on 10/05/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/05/2011

Hi Christopher - It's difficult to pick one being better than the other when it comes to disc brakes vs. V-Brakes as they both have different qualities. Discs, for example, give great modulation and have great hold (as well as being nice and quiet to use!), whereas a rim brake will give greater 'bite' and will feel a little more responsive. As a general rule, I'd say that discs are ideal on the front for 20", 24" or 26" bikes because they do offer that extra modulation. On the rear, I'd usually only recommend them for 20" or 24" bikes at a push, as the larger wheel sizes tend to not really work quite as well with discs. Having said that, a well set up V-Brake can still work very well, and I know several riders who swear by them for that reason. In terms of the Zoot overall, it depends largely on which style of riding you're hoping to do. If you're planning on just riding more 'pure' trials, a 20" bike might be better to begin on. However, if you're hoping to do some trials mixed with more BMX-style moves (e.g. like Danny MacAskill) then a Zoot would be a much better option. Equally, if you're used to riding a mountain bike a Zoot will feel more natural than a 20" wheeled bike. Thanks, Mark

Tuomo Levikari

What hydraylic front discbrake is compatible on this bike? And what is price translated to euros?

Posted by Tuomo Levikari on 08/12/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/12/2011

Hello - Either front version of the Echo TR Hydraulic Disc Brake would fit the Zoot, or alternatively the Hope Tech Trial with #5 Caliper/160mm or #3 Caliper/180mm rotor. They will fit on your forks fine, although you'd need to upgrade your front hub to a disc model to be able to attach the disc rotor. We have a Currency Converter in our 'Support' section if you need help with the price in Euros. Thanks, Mark

brian dorant

Hi. i would like to know how how much would the weight of the bicycle be if i used an echo urban fork (v-brake

Posted by brian dorant on 31/05/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 31/05/2012

Hi Brian - The Echo Urban forks weigh 0.898kg compared to the Zoot's forks which are 1.380kg, so it'd make the total weight approximately 10.658kg. Thanks, Mark

Ross Dexter

Would i be able to fit a sprung tensioner to this bike? thanks

Posted by Ross Dexter on 17/08/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/08/2014

Hi Ross - you would not be able to fit a sprung tensioner to this bike as there is no way to mount it. Thanks, Flipp.

Ross Dexter

How can I fit a rear disc brake to this bike and which would be the cheapest option?

Posted by Ross Dexter on 11/10/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 13/10/2014

Hi Ross - thanks for your question. To put a disc brake on that bike you would need a new rear hub as the one that comes with the bike does not have disc tabs. The cheapest brake option would be an Avid BB5. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

ryan adkins

Can you fit disc brakes on this bike? Is the only difference between the Onza Zoot and their dual disc brake model is that one has disc breaks and the other doesn't?

Posted by ryan adkins on 17/08/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/08/2013

Hi Ryan - disk brakes would fit to the frame and fork, but you'd need new hubs to mount the rotors which would also mean new spokes. The Zoot Dual Disc is 15mm longer and has a 10mm higher bottom bracket. Thanks, Flipp.

ryan adkins

will this bike be able to fit maxxis holy rider tyres on both rear and front?

Posted by ryan adkins on 17/08/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/08/2013

Hi Ryan - yes it will! Thanks, Flipp.

William Tye

Hi, Probably a strange question to ask, Im thinking about buying this bike but the colors i dont really like. And i have already seen in the comments that they only do it in this color, but is there anyway i could buy the frame in a different color (off this site) and get it mounted with the same kit as the onza zoot 2013 24'' (Same kit meaning with all the same brakes bolts etc.... just the frame changed in a nut shell) I've just seen the build the bike section but i dont know what pieces are on the zoot onza 2013 24''

Posted by William Tye on 26/09/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/09/2013

Hi William - unfortunately we cannot change the frames around since the bikes arrive to us as complete items. Using the bike builder would enable you to do what you are wanting to do, though it would work out more expensive. The Zoot full build bikes are cheaper than if you buy all the parts individually, which is the good thing about full builds. The thing, as I just mentioned, is that they are a fixed specification. Thanks, Flipp.

Alessandro Mattivi

Hi, this will be my first street/trial bike. I live in northern italy, i would like to know how much i'm going to spend (with the cheapest postage option) converted in euro (what kind of convertion £ - euro do you have). Thanks, Alessandro.

Posted by Alessandro Mattivi on 13/02/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 14/02/2014

Hi - thanks for your question. To calculate your shipping costs, add your items to the basket and go to the checkout. Entering your address will let you see what postage options are available to you and their relative costs without committing you to the order. There is also a currency converter on this page: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/pages/terms_and_conditions.html. This uses the same rates we convert currency at. Thanks, Flipp.

Geniy Kryvoshey

Hi, can I order this bike with the exact same parts but instead of this frame, change it to onza zoot pro frame kit?

Posted by Geniy Kryvoshey on 20/08/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 21/08/2014

Hi Geniy - thanks for your question. Unfortunately not - the bikes arrive to us partially assembled with most parts already being bolted to the frame. At this price, the specification is entirely fixed. Thanks, Flipp.

Geniy Kryvoshey

Hi, can this bike handle some abuse and hard impacts like danny mac does on his inspired?

Posted by Geniy Kryvoshey on 30/12/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/01/2015

Hi Geniy - thanks for your question. This bike will tolerate a fair level of abuse, though the Inspired bikes are extremely tough and will tolerate more, for a longer period. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Bernardo Guarderas

hey. i am comparing this bike with the inspired flow 24". is there any issue with the chain. will it break or stick out easily?

Posted by Bernardo Guarderas on 28/06/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 29/06/2015

Hi Bernardo - thanks for your question. No - both of these bikes feature very strong chains that will only break if neglected or used for far longer than advisable. Thanks, Flipp.

simon wong

http://www.ozonys.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=192%3Acurve-26&catid=44%3Anews&Itemid=58&lang=en the website attach above, can u help me to find this bike.. how much for this type and if got stock, where to go for place the order?? Thanks

Posted by simon wong on 16/05/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/05/2015

Hi Simon - thanks for your question. Unfortunately those bikes are no longer manufactured so are not available any more. Thanks, Flipp.

Anthony Adrian

Hey I'm just wondering if you guys ship to canada?

Posted by Anthony Adrian on 17/09/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/09/2015

Hi Anthony - We certainly do :) We ship orders over to Canada pretty much every day with FedEx - they've proven themselves to be fast and reliable. If you'd like to check prices, simply add the bike to your basket and head to the checkout. Our website automatically works out which country you're in so it'll work out whether you need to pay VAT on your order (which you won't, being based in Canada), and will calculate the various delivery options for you. That won't include any possible customs fees you may be liable to pay once the bike lands in Canada, so it may be worth checking out your government's website to see what fees they may charge. If you'd like any more help with ordering, this page should help out: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/pages/terms_and_conditions.html#ordering Alternatively, feel free to shoot us an e-mail and we'll do our best to help out. Thanks, Mark


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the bike

Posted by Sam on 04/06/2011

Awesome bike and I would highly recommend it to any trial bike rider or someone who wants to get into trial bike riding.



Posted by Peter on 04/10/2012

Hi! I get my bike today at midday and I have to say it was very exciting. Every parts were carefully packed in and also the free items were in the package. (Unfortunately there is a small painting defect on the left side of the fork but beside the varnish is very nice everywhere on the bike) 2 things which appear to me first: the bike is extremely stiff and the other was the bottom pracket and the freewheel runs very very smoothly. Its a good feeling to use this bike. Thanks Tartybikes! Keep it up!

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/10/2012

Hi Peter - I'm glad the bike got to you safely. It's also good to hear the bike feels good for you! They're a lot of fun to ride, and I'm sure you'll continue to enjoy it for a long time. I'm sorry to hear about the paint defect though - we check all of our bikes before dispatch so this should usually get spotted. If you'd like to e-mail us a photo of the paint defect we'll see if there's anything we can do for you. Thanks for the review!

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