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Inspired Skye Team V3

Product code: 13077

From £2165.83 to £2190.83

In stock

Inspired Skye Team V3

Satin Red - With Crank Bros Pedals
Satin Yellow

Sold out

Dispatch time 2-3 days - this bike is assembled in our workshop before dispatch. Minor assembly required on arrival, details supplied with bike.

2 upgrades available

Magura MT7 with HC3 Blade Upgrade - Can Be Added At Checkout

Crank Brothers Danny MacAskill Pedal Upgrade - Can Be Added At Checkout

  • The ultimate street trials bike!
  • Top spec, with optional upgrades.

Please note: The bike, as shown in the product images, is built using the Magura MT7 with HC3 Blade Upgrade. The standard Skye Team V3 is supplied with Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone brakes.

- New for 2018, the latest generation of Danny MacAskill's signature bike, the Inspired Skye Team V3!
- Every part of the frame and fork has been re-designed for the V3 edition of the bike, making the bike stronger than ever before whilst also making it the lightest iteration of the Skye to date.
- New for the latest bikes, the Skye is fitted with Inspired Team V2 rims and Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone Brakes as standard (Magura MT7 Brake Upgrade available at the Checkout).

- New hydroformed front triangle is much stiffer and stronger than ever before, largely in part to the bigger square-profile down tube. This tube has a much larger junction to the top tube and head tube, making the front end - a crucial area on these bikes - as strong as possible.
- The rear face of the tapered head tube is machined square to give a nice flat area to weld on, improving the strength of the join.
- The frame still uses a 12mm through axle for the rear wheel, but revised dropouts use an evolution of their previous system. The axle now screws in to a splined boss on the frame, so should you damage the threads it is simple to replace.
- Super chunky +20mm positioned IS disc mount is one piece with the non-drive side dropout, making the mount so strong no bracing bar is required!
- The BB yoke is a 2-piece design, with each half machined out internally to save as much weight as possible whilst making sure it is stiff and strong enough to cope with the demands of Danny's riding. The two are welded together along the centre-line of the yoke, a design not previously seen in trials frames before.
- The BB is a standard threaded design making it compatible with a wide range of cranks.
- The neat single-sided chain tensioner is mounted to the frame using a new, lower profile replaceable integrated mount.
- A completely new seat stay/seat tube/top tube junction has been proven through extensive testing to be stronger than ever before.

- As with the frame, the V3 forks are a completely new model compared to the last generation.
- Chunky legs provide unparalleled strength and stiffness, but also maintain a low overall weight for the fork due to their tube thickness.
- A completely new steerer tube and crown design is more than up to the job of coping with the extreme forces Danny puts through the front end of his bike.
- The V3 forks retain the same tapered steerer tube as the previous generation of fork, again making the forks as strong as possible.
- New top cap design screws into the threaded steerer tube and allows the hose to be routed through the steerer if required. We can send the bikes with the hose through the steerer if you like, please also purchase the "Other Hydraulic Disc Brake" option of this Workshop Item if you would like the hose to be routed through the steerer. If you do not add this item, the bike will be sent with the hose not routed through the steerer as shown in the pictures.
- 20mm through axle CNC-machined dropouts are welded on to the lower of the fork legs in a unique way, and also use a similar splined boss system to the rear through axle arrangement.

Frame and Forks
- Frame: Inspired Skye V3, (updated design) 12mm bolt through axle, Satin Yellow, 6066-T6 aluminium alloy
- Forks: Inspired Skye V3, tapered steerer tube, 20mm bolt through axle, Satin Yellow, 6066-T6 aluminium alloy legs with 7075-T6 steerer tube

- Front hub: Hope Pro 4, 20mm bolt through axle, 32h, Black
- Rear hub: Hope Pro 4 Trials, 12mm bolt through axle, 32h, Black (Custom made)
- Cassette Lockring and Spacers: Trialtech
- Chain tensioner: Trialtech Single Sided Sprung
- Front rim: Inspired Team V2, Black
- Rear rim: Inspired Team V2, Black
- Spokes: Sapim Race DB, Black
- Rim tape: Trialtech
- Front tyre: Continental Danny MacAskill Air King 24 x 2.4"
- Rear tyre: Continental Danny MacAskill Air King 24 x 2.4"

- Front brake: Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone, 180mm Rotor
- Please note: Front brake will be not supplied routed through the steerer tube unless the additional service described above is purchased.
- Rear brake: Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone, 180mm Rotor
- Now also available with Magura MT7 With HC3 Lever Blade brakes (180mm) as an additional upgrade if you wish. This option is available to add once the bike is in your basket.
(Brakes can be switched around to suit international riders, we will do this automatically before dispatch depending on your country.)

- Cranks: Truvativ Descendant, 175mm, Black
- Front Sprocket: Inspired Integrated Truvativ 22T Bashring
- Bashring: Inspired Integrated Truvativ 22T Bashring
- Chain: KMC Z610 HX 3/32"
- Rear Sprocket: Trialtech Sport Splined, 16T
- Pedals: Inspired Team V2, Black (Also available with Crank Brothers Stamp 3 Danny MacAskill Edition Pedal Upgrade)
- Bottom bracket: Truvativ Howitzer

- Saddle: Inspired Tripod Kevlar, Medium, Black
- Seatpost: Inspired Tripod
- Seat Clamp: Inspired, Black

- Headset: FSA, 1-1/8" Integral Upper, 1.5" Standard Lower, Black
- Top Cap: Threaded
- Stem: Trialtech Sport, 90mm x 35˚
- Grips: LizardSkin Danny MacAskill Lock-On Grips
- Handlebars: Inspired Arcade, Black

- Wheelbase: 977mm
- Chainstay: 362mm
- BB Rise: +17.5mm
- Head Angle: 73.5˚
- Reach: 655mm

- Standard build: 11.15kg

This bike is supplied with a 6 month warranty covering manufacturing and materials defects. The warranty does not cover mistreatment or poor maintenance. Please ensure all the details on the warranty sheet supplied with the bike are adhered to. Certain circumstances (such as stripped threads or rounded crank arm tapers) only occur due to a lack of correct maintenance and all manufacturers are aware of these situations, so any claims due to incorrect maintenance procedures are much less likely to be successful.

We build this bike to a 100% complete state in our workshop before dispatch to ensure all items are manufactured correctly and nothing is missing, but we do have to remove some parts to ensure there is no damage during transit. You will need some basic tools (usually 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm allen keys and a 15mm spanner) for final assembly upon arrival. We have a video guide here to help, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.



Can the crank arm length for the Hope option be changed to 165mm? And can Hope F20 pedals also be substituted?

Posted by matthew on 03/09/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 04/09/2017

Hi Matthew - We might be able to arrange the 165mm crank option with Inspired at the time of ordering the bike. If you send us an e-mail when you place your order we'll get them switched. Unfortunately there isn't the option to upgrade to F20s at a discounted price, sorry - they would only be able at their traditional retail price rather than a subsidized price like the crankset upgrade. Thanks, Mark

Ross Leckie

What are the differences between this and the arcade frame wise and how does it change the feel/ control over the bike?

Posted by Ross Leckie on 30/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 31/05/2016

Hi Ross - There aren't really any similarities between the two frames! They are made from different materials, the Skye features a rear through axle, tapered head tube and so on, so again there aren't too many similarities with the Arcade. The Arcade has a steeper head angle so it's better for BMX-style moves, which is also aided by it having a slightly higher BB height than the Skye. This is also why it comes with a slightly harder gear ratio than the Skye. The Skye on the other hand is a little better for the style of riding that Danny MacAskill does. It's a very compact bike, so for moves like 360 tyre taps it feels very 'underneath' you so you can move the bike around more easily. As said though, there are a lot of differences between the two! Thanks, Mark


Hi! Does 200mm/203mm rotors rear and front fit on this bike? Thanks.

Posted by Johan on 04/09/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/09/2016

Hi Johan - With the correct sized adaptor for those rotors, fitting them to this bike would be no problem. Please note though that this would void the warranty on this bike as it is only covered for up to 185mm rotors. Thanks, Mark


Hi! Is this how the color of the frame looks outside? http://www.biketrialstation.com/tb24skye.html On Tartybikes' site it looks so blue-ish. http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/24_inch_trials_bikes/inspired_skye_team_v3/c50p13077.html Thanks, Johan.

Posted by Johan on 10/10/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/10/2016

Hi Johan - That appears to be the previous Black version of the bike. The description on their site lists it as black, and the photos appear to be a little overexposed. Another way to see that it is the older colour is that the finish is quite 'coarse' - the new finish is very satin/smooth. The latest finish does have a blue-y tint to it. Thanks, Mark


Hi, I was wondering what the gear ratio on the front and back sprockets are on the Skye compared to the console. Thanks!

Posted by Ryan on 01/11/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/11/2016

Hi Ryan - Both the Skye and the Console use 22:16. Thanks, Mark


Hi, what's the difference between a Hope pro2 and a pro4 hub? Thanks!

Posted by Daniel on 11/01/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/01/2017

Hi Daniel - The rear Pro 4 has a slightly stronger axle, larger diameter flanges, 8 more engagement points, revised pawls and springs and a different bearing system in the freehub body. It's fairly close to the previous generation hubs, just with some incremental updates here and there. The front is almost identical, just with slightly different sized flanges. Thanks, Mark


Hi I'm 5'10 could you please tell me if this bike will be a suitable size? Also when do you anticipate the 2017 Skye is going to be realeased and are there any significant changes? I am interested in purchasing but you only have it available with the V2 rims how do theses rims compare to the Spank rims? Thanks in advance

Posted by Kev on 16/03/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/03/2017

Hi Kev - If you're 5'10" then you're pretty much the perfect size for this bike. It has a relatively short reach compared to some other street trials bikes so should suit you well. We don't anticipate there being a new Skye any time soon as the new colour way and spec Skye came out relatively recently, so although there may be a minor spec change at some point in future we don't see there being any larger, fundamental changes. The Skye now only comes with V2 rims - they're Inspired's rims designed to compete with the Spanks, and from feedback customers and Inspired team riders they're right up there with them! Thanks, Mark

Kai Baird

Hi there. I'm really keen on an inspired sky. I'm not sure which to buy, and in my opinion, if um going to spend a decent amount of money I might as well buy the best one there is. What model would you suggest? I am from South Africa so I would have to have the bike shipped here. Would shipping here be possible? Thank you very much. Please get back to me.

Posted by Kai Baird on 17/05/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/05/2017

Hi Kai - In all honesty, all of the Inspired bikes are great bikes at each price point/spec level, so if you're just getting into street trials or trials in general then I think you'd have a fun time on any of them. As you move up past the different price points (so from Flow to Flow Plus, to Fourplay Pro, to Team and so on) the bikes will get better in terms of their frames, forks and finishing kit. The Flow Plus and Fourplay Pro bikes tend to be our most popular sellers as they're more affordable than the Fourplay Team or Skye Pro/Team bikes yet still ride really well, but it does come down to your budget and individual preference. As I mentioned before though, all of their bikes are designed to be the best they can be at each price point, and Inspireds are known for riding well and being nice and durable. In terms of shipping to South Africa, that's no problem - we've shipped several bikes and plenty of parts orders there in the past. If you'd like to check shipping prices, simply add a bike to your basket, then click the 'View basket' option at the top left of the website. This will give you the lowest available shipping price. Thanks, Mark

il woong seo

What is difference between before skye. (gray color) and the macaskill brake upgrade is disappeared?

Posted by il woong seo on 06/04/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/04/2018

Hello - The new Skye V3 features the updated colour, a switch to Lizard Skins Danny MacAskill grips and the updated Descendant 7K cranks. The Danny MacAskill Brake Upgrade is no longer available, but the Magura MT7 with HC3 Blade Upgrade is the same brake as the Danny MacAskill brakes, without the raceline colouring. Thanks, Mark


Hi. With the standard Hope brakes are the hoses braided or regular plastic? Also is it possible to request that the brakes are left U.K. style with front on the right for a bike shipped to Canada?

Posted by Scott on 19/04/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/04/2018

Hi Scott - The hoses on the Hope brake are Kevlar reinforced hoses (not braided/stainless). We can set the brakes up however you like, simply mention it in the 'Notes' area at Checkout! Thanks, Mark


Can the cranks be switched to 170mm rather than 175 when ordering? Also can you confirm if the Skye now comes with the fsa headset or the hope. Your spec lists hope but pictures and inspiredís pages show fsa.

Posted by Scott on 07/06/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/06/2018

Hi Scott - Unfortunately, we don't stock the new cranks fitted to the Skye and Inspired only stock 175mm cranks, so we're unable to change them sorry. The Skye comes with the FSA headset, I've updated our description to reflect this. Thanks, Mark


hello alguien podria traermela a argentina buenos aires? por que asi evito pagar impestos de aduana custom?¿?¿?¿?

Posted by patrick on 26/09/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/09/2018

Hi Patrick!
Shipping to Argentina is no problem, although it isn't possible to get around the customs fees, sorry.
As it is clear we are shipping to you from an online shop, it's easy for your country's government to check the real price of items we sell. If they find that there is a discrepancy on the customs invoice, they typically impose a large fine.
If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Jonas Nieberle

Hi, Unfortunately the Inspired Skye Frame Kit is sold out and the complete bike kit is available. Can I buy only the Inspired Skye Frame Kit?

Posted by Jonas Nieberle on 30/10/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 31/10/2018

Hi Jonas!
Unfortunately we aren't able to split the Skye Team bikes, sorry. The bikes arrive with us largely assembled, so the parts all have the usual marks associated with being fitted to a bike which mean we can't sell them on separately as new products.

Jonas Nieberle

Hi, do you know when you have the red inspired skye frame kit in stock?

Posted by Jonas Nieberle on 31/10/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/11/2018

Hi Jonas!
We don't have a re-stocking date from Inspired for this framekit, sorry!
They make a small batch of frames each time, and if all the frames are allocated to complete bikes then that means they aren't able to offer them as a frame kit. That has been the case with the latest shipment of red Skyes, unfortunately.

Thomas Molloy

Hi, I'm debating whether to change from the Fourplay Team to the Skye V3. Would that be possible given I ordered the Fourplay under the Earlybird and I assume you haven't started to build it up yet? If not, its not a problem at all. If I can change, I have a few questions first before making up my mind: 1. What are the major differences between the Fourplay Team and The Skye V3? What would they be best suited for in terms of riding style? 2. What effect does the geometry have on the handling of the bikes? I'm 5'11", with long legs and a short torso if that makes any difference to positioning on either of the bikes. 3. What benefits do you get from the through rear axel? Is it stiffer on the back wheel? Cheers

Posted by Thomas Molloy on 04/11/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/11/2018

Hi Thomas!
Changing your order would be no problem. If you'd like to do so, either give us a call or an e-mail and we can get the ball rolling for you.
One way to think of it is that the Skye is an upgraded Fourplay Team. They share many similar characteristics (e.g. the tapered head tube, integrated chain tensioner, hollow dropouts, integrated disc mount and so on), but the Skye has a few choice upgrades.
For example, rather than the bolt-in 10mm rear hub and 15mm front through axle on the Fourplay, the Skye features a 12mm rear through axle and a 20mm front through axle. This gives improved stiffness and rigidity at both ends of the bike.
As well as these 'obvious' changes there are subtle ones too. The rear of the Skye head tube is flattened off rather than rounded - the benefit of this is that when the top tube is welded to it, there isn't the stress riser associated with where the very top end of the top tube would be welded to a round head tube. Not necessarily a huge detail, but it ensures the Skye has that extra bit of strength. It's these little details that help set it apart.
They're both designed for a very similar riding style, with the only real difference being the Skye is a little shorter so it will feel a little more compact and stiffer. This means that for some moves it's easier to move the bike around under you, and translates to quite a playful feel. Some riders might find the extra reach of the Fourplay more beneficial for trials-orientated moves though.
For your height, either the Fourplay or the Skye would be suitable. We know of riders way over 6ft riding the Skye, so the shorter reach shouldn't be an issue for you.

Hyung Won Kim

Hello, how are the front and rear brake mounted? Is it 'front-left hand' and 'rear-right hand' or the opposite? Is it possible to switch them? Thank you

Posted by Hyung Won Kim on 08/06/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/06/2016

Hello - It is possible to have the brakes orientated in either manner. Before shipping our bikes, we check the country they're going to and match them to the standard configuration for that country. Thanks, Mark

jiaqi wu

Hi! I wonder if i live in Houston, how long can i get my bike? And where is this bike from? US or UK?

Posted by jiaqi wu on 11/09/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/09/2016

Hello - Shipping to the US is usually fairly quick and easy. Using Priority it tends to be 1-2 working days, on Economy around 3-4. All bikes are built up in our workshop before they're shipped out to make sure they're perfect so depending on how busy we are this can add a few extra days before the bike is shipped, but this is usually mentioned at Checkout. All of our orders are shipped from our store in the UK. Thanks, Mark

Kang Dong-Hyeon

hi~ how to apply 2option? and apply 2 option after checkout? so sorry i cant speak english ㅜㅜ

Posted by Kang Dong-Hyeon on 14/10/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 14/10/2016

Hello - Do you mean that you would like to add 2 Skye Team V3 bikes to your basket? If so, you can simply add the second bike there. If you mean to add the Magura MT7 or Hope Crankset upgrades, these are available at the Checkout - they are the top two 'Upgrade' boxes. Simply click 'Add to basket' and they will be put on your order. Thanks, Mark


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