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Inspired Fourplay Pro

Product code: 11414


In stock

Inspired Fourplay Pro

Metallic Green
Neon Red

Sold out

Dispatch time 2-3 days - this bike is assembled in our workshop before dispatch. Minor assembly required on arrival, details supplied with bike.

2 upgrades available

Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone Brake Upgrade - Can Be Added At Checkout

Magura MT7 with HC3 Blade Upgrade - Can Be Added At Checkout

Upgrades available on this bike! Prices and options shown at checkout.

  • The flagship Fourplay bike from Inspired!
- Super high quality complete bike from Inspired, based around the brand new version of the Fourplay frame and fork!
- New, high quality 6066 aluminium tube set includes double butted top and down tubes to save weight.
- Completely re-designed dropout is forged from high grade aluminium, as featured on the Skye Team V3 frame.
- Brand new chain tensioner and mounting point design allows the rear wheel to be removed without having to loosen the tensioner first. The tensioner also only has a cage on one side, meaning the chain can be put on and taken off without having to split and rejoin it!
- New headtube design now uses an Internal headset, with a 1.5" lower cup allowing the use of a tapered steerer tube fork.
- Revised toptube and seatstay joints for improved strength.
- Brand new tapered fork steerer tube is made from 7075 aluminium and is both lighter and stronger than previous models.
- A change from the previous Fourplay fork sees the use of a 15mm through axle, creating a stronger, stiffer front end!
- New top cap design screws into the threaded steerer tube and allows the hose to be routed through the steerer if required. We can send the bikes with the hose through the steerer if you like, please also purchase the correct brake model option of this Workshop Item if you would like the hose to be routed through the steerer. If you do not add this item, the bike will be sent with the hose not routed through the steerer as shown in the pictures.

Frame and Forks
- Frame: Inspired Fourplay
- Forks: Inspired Fourplay Tapered

- Front Hub: Inspired Disc Sealed, 15mm Through Axle, 32h
- Rear Hub: Inspired Disc Sealed, 32h
- Chain Tensioner: Trialtech Single Sided Sprung
- Front Rim: Inspired Pro, 32h
- Rear Rim: Inspired Pro, 32h
- Spokes: Plain Gauge, Stainless
- Rim Tapes: Trialtech, Black
- Inner Tubes: Maxxis (may be branded Cheng Shin, this is the same company as Maxxis)
- Tyres: Maxxis Holy Roller 24 x 2.4"

- Brakes: Magura MT4
- Rotors: Magura Storm HC
- Adaptors: Magura
- Now also available with Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone brakes or Magura MT7 brakes (180mm) as an additional upgrade if you wish. This option is available to add once the bike is in your basket.

- Cranks: Truvativ Hussefelt, 175mm
- Front Sprocket: Truvativ 22T
- Chain: KMC Z610
- Freewheel: Trialtech Sport 16T, 72 click
- Pedals: Wellgo Alloy Platform (may be branded as Trialtech)
- Bottom Bracket: Truvativ Howitzer
- Bashring: Truvativ Trials

- Saddle: Inspired Integral
- Seatpost: Inspired Integral
- Seat Clamp: Inspired

- Headset: FSA Tapered
- Stem: Trialtech Sport, 90mm x 35˚
- Grips: Trialtech Race Rubber - for a limited time only, free upgrade to Lizard Skins Danny MacAskill Lock-On Grips available at checkout!
- Handlebars: Truvativ Hussefelt Comp - for a limited time only, free upgrade to Inspired Arcade Risers available at checkout!

Geometry (when measured with supplied 410 x 25mm forks):

- Wheelbase: 994mm
- Chainstay length: 362mm
- BB Height: +15mm
- Head Angle: 73
- Reach from centre of BB shell to centre top of head tube: 670mm

- 11.06kg (including pedals)

This bike is supplied with a 6 month warranty covering manufacturing and materials defects. The warranty does not cover mistreatment or poor maintenance. Please ensure all the details on the warranty sheet supplied with the bike are adhered to. Certain circumstances (such as stripped threads or rounded crank arm tapers) only occur due to a lack of correct maintenance and all manufacturers are aware of these situations, so any claims due to incorrect maintenance procedures are much less likely to be successful.

We build this bike to a 100% complete state in our workshop before dispatch to ensure all items are manufactured correctly and nothing is missing, but we do have to remove some parts to ensure there is no damage during transit. You will need some basic tools (usually 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm allen keys and a 15mm spanner) for final assembly upon arrival. We have a video guide here to help, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

Please note that the specification on the bike may occasionally vary slightly from the photos and description. If this happens then the overall effect will be an upgrade and it will not affect the cosmetic appearance of the bike drastically.



Hi, i was wondering if you are shipping to norway, if so do you have any stores in norway, or do i have to pay for VAT, also is this bike good for beginners im 180 cm, if its not good for beginners what bike should i buy then??

Posted by Joakim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Joakim!
Shipping to Norway is no problem. However, we don't have a store/outlet in Norway, sorry!
If you order from Norway you won't pay VAT, but you will have to pay customs duties when the bike arrives in Norway. FedEx pay these on your behalf then bill you for them when you receive the bike - this just helps speed the process up.
Unfortunately, it seems that the rate in Norway is 25% so please bear this in mind when budgeting for your new bike. We have no control over these fees so we're unable to reduce them or help pay for them, sorry.
In terms of a bike, you would fit any of the Inspired 24" range of bikes if you're looking specifically for a 24" bike. They are all suitable for beginners, so if you would prefer a cheaper option something like the Flow Plus would still be a great bike to learn street trials on whilst still being able to learn more advanced moves too. The Fourplay or Arcade would still allow you to get to grips with street trials, but they have slightly more advanced geometry and upgraded features compared to the Flow range.
If you'd like more help choosing your new bike, feel free to e-mail us and we'll do our best to help!


Is the fork black?

Posted by Mike

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Mike!
The forks on the Fourplay are colour matched with the frame, so the colour of the forks would depend on which colour bike you buy.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


Hello Tartybikes Team. my Fourplay makes clicking noises from the stem area what could be the problem ? I can't localize exactly where the noise is coming from.

Posted by May

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi May!
If you've got any clicking or creaking from the bar/stem area, your best bet is to:
- Make a note of the angle you have your bars at, then undo the bar clamp bolts completely.
- Take your bars out of the stem, and thoroughly clean the bar and stem where they make contact with each other.
- Clean up the stem bolts, and the threads within the stem.
- Apply some grease to your stem bolts, including under the heads of the bolts.
- Re-install your bars, tightening the bolts bit by bit. To help get even clamping, we recommend starting at one corner, then switching to the opposite corner (so if you start by tightening the top left stem, move to the bottom right). Then switch to the other side (so in this example, the bottom left), then go back up to the opposing corner (in this case the top right). Count the turns or half turns you add to your bolts so you can make sure you do the same amount for all.
This should help get your stem clamping your bars properly and alleviate any issues. If there is still some creaking you can lightly sand the edges of the bar clamp area of the stem to slightly round them, but cleaning, re-greasing and correctly torquing up your stem bolts should quieten things down.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


Is the rims and tires on the fourplay pro tubeless ready? Do you ship to Norway? I am 185 cm, will the fourplay fit me or will it be to small?

Posted by Andreas

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Andreas!
The tyres and rims on the Inspired bikes aren't specifically tubeless ready, but theoretically it is possible to fit a tubeless conversion to them if you use something like the Stan's DIY kit (or similar to what riders like Ali Clarkson are doing on YouTube).
Although we have converted Spank rims to tubeless in the past, we don't have any experience doing this to Inspired Pro or Team rims so couldn't say for sure if it's possible sorry.
Shipping to Norway is no problem - we ship worldwide, and have sent plenty of bikes and parts to Norway in the past.
Regarding your height, you should fit the Fourplay fine. If you were worried the Hex may be a better bet as it's very similar to the Fourplay, but with 26" wheels and a slightly longer frame. As before, the Fourplay should still be fine for you - if you felt it was a little cramped at first, some higher rise bars like the Inspired Arcade Risers (as fitted to the Team spec bikes) as this will open up the front end of the bike and therefore open up your body position.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


How do i tighten the chain tensioner and therefore the chain? When i jump, the chain hits the frame...

Posted by Peter

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Peter!
Your best option to do this is to remove the chain from the chainring (you can do this by holding the tensioner arm up towards the frame to remove tension from the chain, then unhook the chain from the chainring with your other hand - you can leave it wrapped around the BB shell/cup). With the chain off the chainring, loosen the tensioner mount pinch bolt.
With this loosened off a little, rotate the tensioner arm clockwise so it points further backwards. With the arm rotated back round, tighten up the pinch bolt. Next, re-fit the chain doing the opposite of the steps you took before, so holding the tensioner arm up against the frame to remove tension from the chain, hooking the chain back over the chainring teeth then letting the tensioner go.
Getting the angle right will be a case of trial and error, so you may have to repeat the process a few times.
If it's still not tensioning your chain well, you may need to remove a link from your chain. If the tensioner arm, with the chain tensioned, is running almost parallel with the chainstay then the chain should be as short as it's possible to make it. However, if the arm is hanging down nearer a 45 angle or more from the chainstay you may be able to take a link out.

Giuseppe Macaluso

Hy, Is it possible to put 200mm disk rotors?

Posted by Giuseppe Macaluso

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Giuseppe!
Fitting 200mm rotors to the Fourplay would be no problem, although it will technically invalidate your warranty. We've seen plenty of riders run them without issues though.
We don't have brake upgrade kits available with 200mm rotors as standard so you'd need to buy the adaptors and rotors to suit the brakes you choose to use.
If you need help with this, please ask!

Massimo Lanini

Salve, vorrei sapere se questa bici è adatta alle mie misure: sono alto cm 172 Grazie

Posted by Massimo Lanini

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Massimo!
The Fourplay bikes are suitable for riders over 155cm so you should be absolutely fine.
If you have any more questions, please ask.


How many Zoll have it // wie viel Zoll hat das Fahrrad

Posted by Domi

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Domi!
The Fourplay Pro has 24" wheels.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


Hi I am just wondering what are the differences between this bike and the flow plus. Thanks.

Posted by Luke

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Luke!
The main differences between the Flow Plus and the Fourplay Pro are:
- The Fourplay frame kit. This is the major difference, and the one that contributes the most to the change in price. The Fourplay frame is one of the best that Inspired make, and is packed with features! For example, it has a tapered head tube (where the fork steerer tube becomes much wider at the fork crown - this helps improve frame and fork strength), an integrated sprung tensioner for consistent chain tension and easy maintenance, a 15mm front through axle (making the front of the bike feel stiffer and more responsive), and more. It's a step up from the Flow frame kit across the board, and it shares several aspects with the top-of-the-range Skye V3 frame. Despite being quite light, it's extremely tough so it makes it a dependable bike to learn street trials on. It'll be more than up to the task from the first few beginner moves and tricks right up to pro level moves that you'll see riders like Fabio Wibmer and Duncan Shaw do.
- Hydraulic disc brakes as standard. Whereas the Flow Plus is fitted with BB5 brakes as standard, the Pro bikes come with Magura MT4 brakes, with the option of upgrading to the Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone or Magura MT7 disc brakes.
Hopefully this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Nigel Parker

Is the chain tensioner necessary on the fourplay?

Posted by Nigel Parker

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Nigel!
The Fourplay, with 22:16 gearing, does require the use of a chain tensioner. It is very close to not needing one, so you can run the chain quite short with only minimal tensioning required. This means it has minimal impact on the 'feel' of the drive train of the bike.

Daniel S Kleiven

Hi, can you use 1 finger on the 2 finger lever? Best Regards, Daniel.

Posted by Daniel S Kleiven

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Daniel - That's correct, they're called "2-finger levers" just because you can theoretically fit 2-fingers on there, but almost all riders will just use one. It's the same with all the brakes we sell. Thanks, Mark

Daniel Kleiven

Hi, is the Magura MT4 Brakes 1 finger lever or 2 fingers lever? Best Regards, Daniel.

Posted by Daniel Kleiven

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Daniel - Magura's brake levers are generally designed for 2 fingers, but you can use them comfortably with 1 finger. The extra leverage helps improve their power and performance (this is why competition riders will use 4-finger lever blades on their rim brakes rather than 2-finger). Thanks, Mark

Daniel Kleiven

Hi, would this bike fit me? Im 1.70m tall and weights 55k. Best Regards, Daniel.

Posted by Daniel Kleiven

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Daniel - This bike should fit you fine. All of Inspired's bikes in their 24" and 26" range are recommended for riders over 1.50m tall, so you should fit them almost perfectly. Thanks, Mark

Daniel Kleiven

Hello, i cant decide which kind of brakes to use. The MT4 or the MT7, what are the differences. Which one is best for trials riding, Best Regards, Daniel.

Posted by Daniel Kleiven

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Daniel - Both brake options are great which is why Inspired have chosen them for their bikes! The MT4 brakes are powerful enough for trials use, but the MT7s use a 4-piston design (compared to 2-piston for the MT4s) which gives them a bit more power overall. The MT7s also have a bite point adjuster on the lever body, although this isn't as effective as some other companies adjusters so it shouldn't necessarily be a key consideration. As before though, both types of brakes work well, upgraded pads are available for both should you need them too. Thanks, Mark

Ian Parsons

Hi, I'm interested in buying an inspired bike.. but unsure how to choose between the arcade, hex and fourplay? Could you give me a basic explanation of what each bike is more suited to? So I can work out which one would be better suited for me... thanks

Posted by Ian Parsons

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ian - The Inspired bikes all fall on a spectrum between street/BMX and more conventional trials riding. They're all quite close to the middle so they're a nice mix between the two, but they each fall on it in a slightly different place. The Arcade is slightly more towards the BMX side, so features slightly more agile geometry and a steel frame, fork and cranks. The Fourplay is a bit towards the trials side so has slightly less aggressive geometry and a lighter aluminium frame, fork and crankset. The Hex is slightly more trials-biased again, primarily due to the larger wheel size. The sizing of the bikes is very close to each other so your height wouldn't be restrictive one way or another. If you've got any more questions feel free to ask! Thanks, Mark


how do I purchase this being im in usa? what does it cost in US dollars?

Posted by parker

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Parker - We ship bikes and parts to the US every day, so buying from the States is no problem! You can use your debit/credit card, PayPal account or use a bank transfer with no problems - whichever method you use they will automatically change it from USD to GBP. To work out the price, simply add the bike to your basket and then click 'View Basket' to see shipping options. Once you've selected your shipping option you'll have the order total - if you enter that total into Google you should be able to convert it to USD to see how much it would be in dollars. If it came to, for example, 1150, you could Google "1150GBP in USD" and it will show you what that would equate to with the current exchange rate. As the exchange rate changes from hour to hour it's worth checking at the time you're looking to place the order to see what it is. Just bear in mind that most card providers/PayPal will generally not give the same exchange rate, although it'll only be a very small percentage different. If you've got any more questions, feel free to check out the Support - FAQ section which covers international orders. Thanks, Mark


Is it possible to overturn the brakes? The front brake on the left and the rear brake on the right?

Posted by Giuseppe

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Giuseppe - We make sure to set the brakes up to suit the country that the bike is going to, so it would arrive with you with the brakes in the correct orientation. Thanks, Mark

Akos Pava

Hello, the inspired fourplay frame compatible with 24" suspension forks?

Posted by Akos Pava

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - Theoretically, you could fit suspension forks to the Fourplay. You would need to ensure they were either tapered steerer, or you used a crown race adaptor with a set of 1 1/8" steerer forks. Please note that if they are long travel forks they could shorten the lifespan of the frame as they will cause forces to go through the head tube differently. It will also affect the geometry of the bike significantly too so may impact how the bike rides. Thanks, Mark

Jais Matthias

Kann man dieses Radl auch in 26" bekommen

Posted by Jais Matthias

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Matthias - The Fourplay is 24" only, but the Hex Pro is 26". Search for "Hex Pro" or Product Code "13062" on our website to find it. Thanks, Mark

Tim Bassett

Gidday, on this pro model, there is a inspired rare hub instead of a hope, is there less engaugement points in this hub compared to the hope?

Posted by Tim Bassett

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Tim - This bike features Inspired hubs front and rear. The rear hub is fixed, with a screw-on freewheel - the freewheel has 72 engagement points compared to the 88 engagement points in the Hope Pro 4 Trials/SS Rear Hub. Thanks, Mark


What is its price according to Indian currency i.e. rupees?

Posted by Anmol

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Anmol - As currency exchange prices fluctuate all the time, we recommend checking in real time using a currency conversion website such as www.xe.com, or typing it into Google. Our prices are listed in GBP. At the current rate, using Google, the price of the bike would be 114,364.35 Rupees. That doesn't include shipping - to check these options and prices, simply add the bike to your basket and click 'View Basket'. Our website will work out all available options for you. Thanks, Mark


Hello, I'm 6 ft 0.5 in (184 cm) tall. Would this bike fit me well? Up to which body height would you recommend the Fourplay? It would be interesting to know the height of the inspired riders like Fabio, Ali, Duncan, etc. Thank you very much in advance. Regards Stefan

Posted by Stefan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Stefan - We're virtually the same height (I'm a touch taller if anything), and I've found that the Inspired bikes fit me well. I started off riding the Fourplay bikes a few years ago and have subsequently started riding the Arcade, but throughout it's been possible to get them feeling 'right' for me. It's quite easy to adjust the reach and feel of the bike initially by using the bar angle (24" bikes are quite sensitive to bar adjustments in terms of their feel), and also by changing stems. I prefer a shorter feeling bike so typically run either a 70mm or 80mm stem, but if you're looking to stick with slightly more trials orientated riding the standard 90mm option is a good one (it's the same that Duncan and Fabio both use). I've seen riders up to 6'6"/198cm ride the Fourplay in the past - with a 110mm stem - so you won't be too tall for it! I'm not sure how tall the Inspired team are apart from Ali Clarkson who is 5ft 10in. Thanks, Mark


I would like a bike that I would be able to do trials in and also ride at my skate park, how would this bike cope with a skate park? G

Posted by Graham

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Graham - I ride an Inspired myself and find that it's a really capable, versatile little bike! I ride mine for street mainly, but also take it to skateparks and pump tracks and find it handles really well. They have lighter gearing than a dirt jump bike or BMX, but for skateparks this isn't usually an issue. I'd recommend finding Ali Clarkson's YouTube channel (one of Inspired's pro riders) - he has posted some videos recently riding his Hex at an indoor skatepark and shows you can do a lot on them! Searching for @duncshaw on Instagram (another of Inspired's team riders) will show you some clips from him riding his Fourplay at the same skatepark too. Thanks, Mark

Yechan Kim

Hello i have brought inspired Fourplay Pro about 2weeks ago. I found when I turn my bar the cable was short so i want my front brake hose go through the thing. Can any mechanic do that? Or only you guys can do that?

Posted by Yechan Kim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - Any mechanic/bike shop should be able to do this job for you. If they are careful they shouldn't need to bleed the brake again. Thanks, Mark


When sending to Russia, you need to pay extra for customs clearance of the bicycle?

Posted by Vladimir

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Vladimir - There would be customs charges to pay. You are liable to pay these when the bike arrives in your country. You can find more information about this here: https://www.tartybikes.co.uk/pages/faq.html Thanks, Mark

Yechan Kim

Hello. Im super wondering if i need to pay extra import fee. Like TAX fee. Thank you

Posted by Yechan Kim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - If you are having a bike shipped outside the EU, you will need to pay customs duties to your government. On average these tend to be 10-15%, but we'd recommend looking on your government's website for their different customs tariffs and seeing what their specific fee is. Thanks, Mark

Yechan Kim

Hello. I just want to know the delivery time. Once i make a order how long does it uselly take delivery to South Korea. Please tell me the truth. Thank you

Posted by Yechan Kim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - Once we've built and packaged your bike, shipping is typically 3-4 working days using FedEx Priority, or a little longer using FedEx Economy. Thanks, Mark


Hi, I would know what kind of bike it is, it's not a total trial bike so how do we call it ?

Posted by Carlos

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Carlos - This is a street trials bike. Thanks, Mark

Yechan Kim

Hi when my Inspired Fourplay arrives do i have to build the bike or do i just need to put wheel together ?

Posted by Yechan Kim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - The bikes arrive largely assembled - all you'd need to do is bolt the front and rear wheels on, fit the pedals and fit the stem (the bars are already bolted into the stem). It should usually only take around 10-15mins at most to get the bike from being in the box to a rideable state. All the difficult work (e.g. building wheels, setting up brakes) is done by us so you only have a few simple steps to complete before you can ride your new bike :) Thanks, Mark

Yechan Kim

Is it possible to put MAGURA MT7 DANNY MACASKILL SIGNATURE SERIES on Inspired Fourplay pro? thank you 🙏

Posted by Yechan Kim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - The MacAskill brakes aren't available as an upgrade option for these bikes, sorry! They are only available on Team spec bikes. Thanks, Mark

Yechan Kim

Hi, I will be on holiday during December so can i make a order when inspired Fourplay pro come and you guys can hold? Or send it to post shop around here so i can pick up. Would there be sale on inspired Fourplay? Thank you

Posted by Yechan Kim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - If you'd like to order the bike but specify a later shipping date that would be no problem. Simply let us know in the comments section of your order. Unfortunately it's unlikely there will be a discount on the Fourplays - we generally struggle to keep the bikes in stock as they're very popular and in relatively short supply, so we won't be reducing the price on them as a result. Thanks, Mark

Yechan Kim

Does this available tyer upgrade to CONTINENTAL DANNY MACASKILL AIR KING?

Posted by Yechan Kim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - There isn't an upgrade from Inspired featuring the Continental tyres, but if you add a pair to your basket when ordering a bike we can fit them for you free of charge. Thanks, Mark


Is this a Mountainbike vor an BMX?

Posted by Bruno

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Bruno - This is a street trials bike, so it sits between a mountain bike and a BMX. Thanks, Mark


whats the difference between the Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone brakes and the Magura MT7 and which one is better in what way? thanks

Posted by me

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - The Magura brakes are a little more powerful than the Hope brakes, but the Hope brakes are more durable. The Hope brakes also have spares available for every part of the brake whereas Magura only really offer complete levers or calipers as spares. Both are powerful enough for street trials use, and we have many happy customers with each type of brake. Thanks, Mark


is this bike okay for riding rough terrain, like dirt BMX parks? Also, is this bike good for doing wheelies and other tricks like that? thanks

Posted by me

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - The Inspired 24" range can handle slightly rougher terrain, although as they don't have suspension they won't be too comfortable on rougher trails. Their bikes are designed for street trials riding and tricks so should handle most moves comfortably. Thanks, Mark


just a quick question, i got the bike for christmas last year and love it, i got it upgraded to the Hope Tech 3 trialzone brakes and find them very responsive, however my constant riding pattern means that i have wore the pads down to the metal, are the standard Hope pads the best to use or is there another that are a bit tackier for front and back hops, Cheers Gregor

Posted by Gregor

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Gregor - The Trialtech or Jitsie disc pads are a big upgrade over the standard Hope pads. Either will give you quite a big improvement in bite and hold! Thanks, Mark


hace envios a peru

Posted by kevin

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Kevin - We ship worldwide, so shipping to Peru once we have the bikes in stock would be no problem. Thanks, Mark


Does this bike ship to Australia.

Posted by James

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James - When this bike is in stock, shipping to Australia would be no problem. We ship bikes and parts to Australia regularly using FedEx and have had no problems so far. Thanks, Mark


Is the fourplay 2016 (yellow frame) version still able in your stock and if yes is possible to buy it at a lower price cause is not the most recent one?

Posted by Max

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Max - Unfortunately they sold out a little while ago, sorry!


How good are the sram DB5 brakes? Is an update required? Or can I use the DB5 on this inspired for trial and street without problems. My Bro is running the hope brakes on his Inspired fourplay fuse and they are really nice! Are the Sram worse? Thanks Finn.

Posted by Finn

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Finn - The SRAM brakes aren't quite up there with the Hopes as they have a little less power and lack the adjustment offered on the Hope Tech 3 levers, but they're by no means bad brakes. If you needed any more bite/hold, the Trialtech Sport Disc Brake Pads give quite a lot more so would be a good upgrade a little further down the line if you felt like you needed it. The standard brakes do work well though. Thanks, Mark

Simon Rüttimann

Hi Is here the vat included? And can you deliver to Switzerland?

Posted by Simon Rüttimann

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Simon - If you have the Swiss flag showing in the top corner of the website, the price displayed should be without VAT. Delivery to Switzerland is no problem, we typically ship with FedEx. Using Economy delivery, shipping would be approx. 34.80. Thanks, Mark

Paul Döring

I came from germany and the brakes hir are on the other side when i buy the bike are the brakes than on the side which in uk or which in germany

Posted by Paul Döring

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Paul - We check which country the bike is being shipped to and set the brakes up accordingly, so if you ordered a bike from Germany we would fit it so the rear brake was the right hand side. Thanks, Mark

Ivan Averyanov

Hello, I live in Russia, in English did not really understand, I want to learn more in detail about the color of the bike, the brakes need both hope tech hose front brake pass through the steering whether to send in Russian, the approximate price of a bicycle with the delivery.

Posted by Ivan Averyanov

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ivan - We have the Fourplay Pro available in two colours, Satin Grey and Fluro Yellow. We also have an ex-display bike in Fluro Yellow. This bike is almost brand new, but has a few very small marks. It is fitted with the Hope brakes as standard, unlike the normal Fluro Yellow or Satin Grey bikes. If you would like to have the hose routed through the steerer tube, you would need to add this to your basket too: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/workshop/tartybikes_inspired_bike_steerer_tube_hose_routing/c34p12655.html To check delivery, add the bike you would like to your basket and head to the checkout - our website will automatically calculate delivery options and prices for you with no obligation to buy. Thanks, Mark


Hi, I'm interested in this bike and since i'm from the U.S.A the rear brake is on the right and the front brake is on the left does that come stock or do you guys know just from the area its coming from? Thanks

Posted by Seth

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Seth - We check the country the bike is being shipped to, and then set the brakes up accordingly. If you'd like to make doubly sure though, you're welcome to mention in the 'Notes' field at the Checkout stage that you'd prefer to have your brakes set up with a right hand rear. Thanks, Mark


is there an option to upgrade the handle bar to Inspired Arcade Riser Handlebars? thanks

Posted by rak

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Rak - Unfortunately there is no upgrade option for the bars on the Pro, but if you purchase some Arcade bars along with the bike we can fit these for you before the bike is shipped. Thanks, Mark

Joshua Staggs

Hello, I live in the US and I do a lot of mountain biking, so I'm used to the rear brake being on the left and the front on the right. I am planning to get the Hope Brake upgrade with it, is it possible to have the brake lines flipped on the master cylinders to be this way before it is shipped? Thanks!

Posted by Joshua Staggs

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Joshua - It's possible for us to set the brakes up whichever way you'd prefer. If you mention in the 'Notes' section at Checkout the orientation you'd prefer, we'll make that happen for you! Thanks, Mark


How hard is it to covert this bike to a single gear set up and what tools and parts would u need? cheers

Posted by Robert

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Robert - The Fourplay Pro is a single speed bike as standard. Thanks, Mark

Ross leckie

How long can these bikes be ridden in the rain

Posted by Ross leckie

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ross - Due to the majority of components on this bike being aluminium you shouldn't have any issues with rain. The only things to be particularly wary of would be your chain and freewheel getting a little rusty. If you keep them lubed you shouldn't have any problems. Thanks, Mark


Hello, if I do a footjam tailwhip on this bike for example will the brake lines get tangled?

Posted by John

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi John - If the front brake hose is routed through the steerer tube, it should be possible to get two spins out of the bars (if spins the bars once in the 'opposite' direction before trying to do a double barspin/tailwhip). The hoses will wrap around the head tube when you do this, but as long as you spin the bars back again once you've completed the move then there should be no problem. Thanks, Mark

Xavier Tan

Will the frame of this bike snap easily?

Posted by Xavier Tan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Xavier - no, these are very strong frames and will not snap easily. We have sold a large number of these bikes and no-one has reported any issues with the frame snapping. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Carson Harris

Hi, is the fourplay pro any good for ridding dirt like woods and out door skate parks?

Posted by Carson Harris

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Carson - thanks for your question. These bikes are great for doing a bit of everything. If you are only going to ride dirt jumps and skate parks then a dirt-jump style bike or BMX would be more suitable as they're tailored specifically to that type of riding. If you want to occasionally ride some jumps or park, but also ride some trials in the streets or on natural terrain too then this is a very good option for you. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello, I'm 12 years old and 4'9". whould this bike fit me well

Posted by Hampus

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Hampus - this bike might feel a tiny bit big to start with, but as soon as you grow a little it will be fine. We usually advise this sized bike for people 5' and over, but if you were to buy a bike designed for smaller riders now, you would likely have grown out of it in a few months! Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

henry fowler

Hi tart bikes. I'm thirteen and 5ft5. What size frame should I have?

Posted by henry fowler

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Henry - thanks for your question. These frames are made in only one size, and it should be just fine for you at that height. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Is this bike a good first trail bike? Want a trial bike but dont know what to buy. Thanks.

Posted by Sebastian

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sebastian - if you're interested in the more streety side of trials riding, this would be a very good first bike indeed! Thanks, Flipp.


What's the max speed you can go on it? avg.

Posted by Edvinas

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - I'm not too sure in all honesty! I have an Inspired and you can get a reasonable amount of speed on them. It won't be as fast as a BMX, but much faster than a normal trials bike. Thanks, Mark


Is the seat actually usable? Say there's a really nice spot to ride, but you need to go a couple miles into the city first and don't want to waste all your energy. Or you crashed hard but need to ride back. How high will it go up?

Posted by Andy

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Andy - The seat post itself is relatively short, although long enough to raise to allow you to sit down and pedal without any tyre 'issues' (I believe it's possible to raise it 80mm from slammed). I ride a Fourplay myself and have ridden it over some pretty long distances and found that sitting down while I was coasting along was never an issue. The gear ratio and tyre choice means it's fine for cruising around over longer distances (especially compared to a traditional trials bike). Thanks, Mark


Would this bike any good for street riding (expert rider)

Posted by Thomas

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Thomas - This bike was made purely to ride street, so I think it should be pretty good for it! I ride one myself for street trials and it's great. Thanks, Mark


Hi :) Is it possible to atatch a bashplate to this bike? if not, is it possible on some of the other 24

Posted by Lovoy

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Lovoy - No 24" frames use bash plate mounts as typically all 24" riders use bash rings. Thanks, Mark


is this bike to small for a 13 year old?

Posted by john

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi John - It may be a little large for a 13-year-old, but it does depend on his size. It has quite a short stem on it as standard, as well as having a reasonably short frame, so it wouldn't feel as big as a traditional 26" wheeled trials bike but would definitely feel larger than a 20" trials bike. Thanks, Mark


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much better than the old one

Posted by luke

i purchased this bike last a week and i got the new 2014 one in shotblast silver and the paint on this has a rough texture similar to the texture that sandblasting leaves behind and it is also a matt finis my friend owned the previous fourplay and i found that you were placed to far over the front wheel and this made it feel weird to ride. my friend has now upgraded to the arcade and i find this to ride very similar to that as you are positioned more towards the middle of the bike this is also helped by the wheelbase being shorter this makes the bike feel more like a bmx than a full on trials bike with this i find makes it more maneuverable and easy to hop.the only thing i would recommend changing on this would be the grips at first because i find the trial tec ones to be a little hard and dont provide much shock absorbing ability i would also recommend changing the brakes in the near future as with all avid brakes once you bleed them they are basically ruined but for the time being they are very responsive and haven't slipped yet so i will probable be upgrading to some hope breaks in the near future everything else one the bike feels solid and strong. when i recived the bike i was a little confused when assembling it as i encountered that they were female hubs witch is something ive only ever seen on bmx bikes. so all in all i think this bike is a defiant improvement over the previous one

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Luke - thanks for the extensive review! Just a quick note on the brakes: it can be trickier to do than with Hopes etc. but if you can bleed them properly they will continue to works perfectly. We're glad you're happy with the bike! Thanks, Flipp.


Awesome - Straight out the box..

Posted by James

I was a little sceptical about any bike being perfect straight out of the box but after a weekend of solid riding I was so happy to find that this bike is amazing without any need to upgrade anything. With this being my first trials bike I didn't know what to expect and coming from a more XC/4X background the geometry felt a bit strange at first but after a couple of days riding it makes perfect sense and feels really comfortable to ride. In short I love this bike and all I need to do now is upgrade my riding abilities as I have a full learning curve ahead of me. Thanks for a great bike and a speedy delivery :-)

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James - thanks for your review. We're very glad to hear you're having such a good experience with the bike! They are very different to the type of bike you're used to, but when you enjoy riding it you adjust very quickly. Enjoy the bike! Thanks, Flipp.


Great Bike

Posted by Fredrik

..but the wheelbase is 1025mm, on the one I got at least. Anyway, sweet ride overall. Fast dispatch from TartyBikes, as usual.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Fredrik - I'm glad you like your new bike! We'll check out our remaining stock and see if there's a difference in wheelbase somewhere. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


An amazing bike

Posted by Martin

I returned to riding after a break of over 20 years as a means of getting myself fit again. As time went on I became interested in street trials so I bought the 2012 version of this bike as soon as it became available and I am so glad I did because this bike is truly amazing and I really can not recommend it highly enough. It is a joy to ride and has withstood all of the abuse I have thrown at it during the time I have owned it, and believe me, that is a lot because I am definitely not someone that could be described as a "smooth" rider. If you are thinking of treating yourself to a new street trials bike, look no further than this one, you won't regret it.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Martin - It's great to hear you're getting back into riding again, and that you've enjoyed your new bike so much! Thanks for the detailed review, and I hope you continue to enjoy your bike in the future.


My 2013 Fourplay

Posted by Alex

Bought the 2013 Fourplay late last year and by now have had time to get to know it well. It's a really satisfying bike to ride, its really solid, lighter than it looks by far, freakin sexy to look at (better than the pictures) and just generally makes you want to ride it more. Overall its an awesome bike. I received my (international) order in good order and quickly. As expected, it was not fully built but it's not a big deal to put it together yourself when you follow the instructions that come with it and the tutorial video. It was also not damaged, the packaging was really good and it arrived quickly. Being a beginner rider myself the quality of this bike is way above my skill at the moment, but that for me is just an incentive to ride it more and get better. Before you decide on a bike do your research though, i got the bike i wanted because looked a lot at what was out there as well as anoying the guys at tarty bikes with emails asking question, and they were most helpful. Also, the correct tire tubes for my bike are sparse where i live, so i got a few spare tubes in the same idea to save on shipiing costs. Awesome bike though, love it to bits! LOVE IT.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Alex - It's really good to hear you like your new bike, especially after taking your time making sure it was what you really wanted. Thanks for the detailed feedback, and I hope you continue to enjoy riding it.


Awesome bike

Posted by Joseph

I bought this bike a little while back and have been riding street, trails and BMX style and riding it in the hills/mountains by my house and it has held up great only had to tighten a few bolts like any bike would need, I have been running this bike into the ground and its held up to everything I can throw at it. I love this bike it's a great bike for a beginner or intermediate rider, I love it so much I own 2 of them, the mint green and gloss purple. All in all I give this bike a 10 out of the 5 out of 5 ratings.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Joseph - It's awesome to hear you like your bike(s!). They are great fun to ride, and it's good to hear your bike has held up well too. Thanks for the detailed review, and I hope you like your new bike as much as the old one!


This bike is amazing

Posted by Nate

I bought the 2012 model in purple as soon as it became available, and it has kept me busy since the day it arrived. I used to ride a 26" custom built bike up until about 8 years ago thinking I'd 'grow up' and focus on my career, but now that's firmly settled, I couldn't resist the urge to get involved in trials again. I watched a few youngsters playing on 24" bikes, and subsequently hit the internet to investigate. This bike sounded the perfect match to what I required to get back into riding. I was a little wobbly at first, but within an hour I was hopping around like a big kid again! This bike has a great riding position, and feels dead sturdy all the time I ride. I'm 6ft tall and I feel at one with the size of it. I'm already remembering what it was like to ride, and the tricks and stunts are returning to my portfolio already! I recommend this bike to anyone who's standards are high, or any older characters like myself who want to get rolling again. Buy one, you won't regret it.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Nathan - That's awesome to hear! The Inspireds are great fun to ride, and as you've found they're great quality too. It's really good to hear you're enjoying your time riding again though, long may it continue! Thanks for the detailed review.

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