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Inspired Tapered 2017

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Inspired Tapered 2017

- New for 2017, the Inspired Tapered forks!
- Styled to match the Fourplay frames perfectly, these forks are designed specifically for the new generation of street riding.
- Forged steerer tube is pressed and then welded into fork crown using the same process as the class-leading Skye forks, meaning the normal stress riser at the crown of the fork is eliminated.
- Tapered steerer tube gives improved strength and stiffness.
- These forks can also be fitted to non-tapered head tube frames that use an internal lower headset cup. You would need to use the Hope Type H Headset Cup.
- Custom designed and manufactured disc brake mount (at the International Standard position) is extra long to prevent cracking at the top where it joins the leg.
- Super thick, large diameter fork legs provide additional strength.
- Advanced one piece top-cap/nut replaces the standard press-fit star fangled nut, top-cap and bolt featured on other forks.
- Disc mount only.
- 15mm through axle helps stiffen the front end of your bike up - axle supplied with forks. The axle is compatible with all 15mm through axle hubs, including the Hope Pro 4 Front Hubs.
- Fits both 24" and 26" wheels.
- Available in gloss powder coat black finish only.
- Weight: 994g (Including top cap and axle)

Fork Dimensions

- Axle to Crown length: 410mm
- Axle Offset: 25mm
- Steerer tube length: 217mm



Hi, could you tell me what adapter i need to use with this fork and shimano saint m810 caliper running with 180mm disc. Which from these: http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productSearch.asp?freetext=shimano+adapter&x=0&y=0 Thanks a lot, Petras

Posted by Petras on 25/01/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/01/2014

Hi Petras - thanks for your question. You would need the SM-MAF180ps from that list. Hope Adaptor F would also do exactly the same job. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hey guys. Wondering if there is any way to make this for work with an Echo TR front hub? Wasn't sure if there was a way to adapt the fork to the hub or vise versa. Any help is appreciated!

Posted by Manny on 07/10/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/10/2017

Hi Manny - Due to the closed dropouts, there's no real way of doing that unfortunately. With the Arcade forks it's possible thanks to the slot machined in them, but for these it's not possible to pass the ends of the hub axle through the outer edge of the dropout. Sorry!

Robby DXB

Hello, I'm wondering what parts I need to get the through axle to fit my Hope Pro 4 front hub. Currently on quick release. Thanks!

Posted by Robby DXB on 15/11/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/11/2017

Hi Robby - All you need are the 15mm through-axle adaptors for the Hope front hub, which you can find by searching on the website for product code: 11295. You'd simply pull your existing QR end caps out and pop the 15mm ones in. Thanks, Mark


Hi guys, Will I be able to fit this fork into new Czar Ion frame? What parts do I need to buy? thanks

Posted by Oleg on 30/01/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 31/01/2018

Hi Oleg - The Ion has a regular 1 1/8" sized head tube so it wouldn't be possible to fit these forks, sorry. Thanks, Mark


Hola, se puede utilizar este tenedor para un cuadro Inspired fourplay 2012 con frente recto? Hacen envios a Buenos Aires, Argentina? Muchas gracias

Posted by Nicolas on 16/03/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/03/2018

Hi Nicolas - Unfortunately these forks won't work with the 2012 Fourplay frame, sorry. You would need to use the Inspired Flow Forks (Product code: 11522). Shipping to Argentina would be no problem! To check prices, simply add the forks to your basket and click 'View Basket' - our website will calculate shipping options for you. Thanks, Mark


Hi guys, Will I be able to fit this fork into new inspired flow frame? What parts do I need to buy? and if I'll buy inspired flow and i want this fork upgrade with flow? Like sam pilgrim & yohan triboulat flow bike!

Posted by Tabrez on 24/05/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 24/05/2018

Hi Tabrez - You would need to use the M:Part Pick 'n' Mix Lower Cup (Product code: 13538) or the Hope Pick 'n' Mix Type H Cup (Product code: 13314). That would be the only change you'd need to make from the standard bike! Thanks, Mark


Hi Tarty :D I have a question about this fork, what parts do I need to make it fit into the Inspired Flow Plus? I've already seen a question about this but I'm not sure because the Flow Plus doesn't use a through axle so would I need a new hub or is that possible?

Posted by Josef on 23/09/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 24/09/2018

Hi Josef!
To make the forks fit your frame, you would need to use either the Hope Type H Headset Cup or the M:Part Elite Lower Cup.
This headset will allow you to fit the Tapered forks into your frame, but you would need to replace the front hub with a 15mm through axle version. The Arcade axle adaptors would fit the Tapered fork dropouts, but as there are no slots in the forks themselves the standard Flow front hub wouldn't fit into them.


I am currently running a 2016 inspired flow. I have an FSA The pig downhill pro headset on it. Would that still be okay to run with these forks or would I have to get the hope headset?

Posted by Aaron on 15/11/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/11/2018

Hi Aaron!
Unfortunately it won't be possible to use the Inspired Tapered Forks with your Flow frame, sorry. Only the later generation Flow frames with internal headsets can use these forks, which would then require you to use the relevant Hope headset cup. The other thing to note with the Tapered forks is that they have a 15mm through axle system, and unlike the Arcade forks it's not possible to use adaptors to fit the standard Flow front hub.
The only Inspired forks we sell that would be compatible with your Flow frame are the standard steel Flow forks, the Flow Alloy forks (which you can find here) and the Inspired Arcade forks (which you can find here).


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