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Onza Bird 2012

Product code: 11578

From £249.99 to £266.66RRP: £357.50(Save up to 30%)

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Onza Bird 2012

Red/White (standard un-sealed Onza front hub)
Red/White (with upgraded sealed Onza front hub)

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Dispatch time 1-2 days - this bike is fully set up by our workshop before delivery

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Onza's 'Bird' trials bike is great for beginners, with a tough 19" rear wheel meaning future upgrades are much easier, and now with a huge discount!

Please note: Our remaining bikes will come fitted with the upgraded Onza Sealed Non Disc Front 2012 hub. This is not shown in the current bike photos, but the product details are here.

- Amazing value 20" wheel trials bike from Onza with a 19" rear wheel, ideal for beginner or fast learning riders.
- High grade 7005-T6 aluminium frame with head tube reinforcing gussets.
- Tough Onza cromoly forks.
- Powerful Onza DD 'V' brake at the front and rear, offering great stopping power!
- Onza light weight single wall rim at the front reduces weight while the 19" rear rim is double walled for extra strength and durability.
- Fitted with Onza's new Sticky Fingers 2 tyres, 20 x 2.0" front and 19 x 2.5" rear.
- Onza T-Pro crankset with screw-on 22T sprocket and bashring, allowing a front freewheel to be retro-fitted without the need for upgrading the cranks also.
- Bash/ski-plate fitted as standard.
- Onza cromo riser 31.8mm trials handlebar.
- Onza alloy 31.8mm stem to reduce weight.
- New Onza caged pedals.
- Dicta 16T freewheel on the rear, running 22-16 gear ratio.
- Seatless design saves weight and increases stand over clearance.
- Classy looking matte red frame, fork and bar with white Onza graphics and parts.
- Please note that these bikes may have small cosmetic scratches from transit. The discounted price reflects this. We un-pack, fully set up, and re-pack the bike before it is sent to you, to make sure no further damage happens.
- Please see the 'Additional Information' tab for details of the 50's worth of free items we supply with this bike!
- Weight: 11.10kg


Wheelbase: 1010mm
Chainstay Length: 360mm
BB Rise: 45mm

Additional Information

Free Items with this Bike! (Subject to stock availability)

As riders ourselves, we know exactly how to improve standard build bikes to ensure the best possible enjoyment for the rider. Instead of cutting prices (except in this special case where we have secured a bulk buy price from Onza so are able to pass that onto our customers), we spend extra time setting the bikes up to a high standard (which takes almost an hour per bike), and we also include the following items free of charge:

TartyBikes T-Shirt: We have Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large available (Men's sizes) in varying colours, click the link to see what we currently have available. Please ensure you specify which size T-Shirt you would like - it's unlikely our guess will be correct!

TartyBikes Chainstay Protector: Nifty little device to protect the paintwork on your frame when the chain slaps against it. One logo on each side... choose whichever you prefer!

TartyBikes MultiTool: What better to help tweak and set up your bike than a designed-for-purpose multitool?

Upgraded Rear Brake Pads: We fit high performance rear brake pads before the bike is sent (and also include the originals as spares, of course!) to make sure the bike performs to the highest level straight out of the box. Please note these brake pads will make a squeaky sound due to their high performance.

You'll also receive some free TartyBikes stickers to use wherever you like!

Please ensure all the details on the warranty sheet supplied with the bike are adhered to. Certain circumstances (such as stripped threads or rounded crank arm tapers) only occur due to a lack of correct maintenance and all manufacturers are aware of these situations, so any claims due to incorrect maintenance procedures are much less likely to be successful.



would it perform as good for someone who is 15-16 stone ??

Posted by calum on 14/08/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/08/2011

Providing the bike is maintained correctly, yes. Thanks, Adam


Can the Magura Hs33 brake be fitted to this bike with the adaptor kit? Ta

Posted by Daveo on 22/08/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/08/2011

Hello - As long as you use the Evo 2 Adaptor Kit it should be possible, although due to the tyre size on the rear of the Bird it may require some tweaking - to get sufficient tyre clearance, you may need to use a 2-bolt booster instead of the conventional booster. Thanks, Mark


Hi and congratulations on your growing success. What is the real major difference between the Onza Bird, the Onza Ska and the Onza Sting making them different in price? Thanks Heaps

Posted by Jaydon on 23/08/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/08/2011

Hi Jaydon - Firstly, thanks for your message! The main differences between the Ska and the Bird are the front freewheel system on the Ska, and the drilled rims on the Ska compared to the Bird. The front freewheel system on the Ska is more in line with 'top end' bikes, where a 12t fixed sprocket is used on the rear of the bike with an 18t freewheel mounted on the crank arm. This helps reduce weight, and moves the weight that is left more to the centre of the bike to help keep your weight distribution more neutral. It also improves ground clearance. The drilled rims also help reduce weight which is especially noticeable on your wheels as it becomes rotational weight. Regarding the difference between the Sting and the two bikes previously mentioned, the Sting is designed more for younger riders so has tweaked geometry, a shorter bar and stem, and 20" wheels front and rear. Hopefully that helps! Thanks, Mark

Mickey Harman

What size frame?

Posted by Mickey Harman on 06/09/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/09/2011

Hi Mickey - This frame doesn't really have a 'size' as such unlike conventional mountain bike frames - the frame is only available in one size, and is suitable to take 20" wheels. The geometry is listed in the product page. Thanks, Mark


do you do finance on this or any items?

Posted by Sion on 28/02/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 29/02/2012

Hi Sion - Unfortunately we're unable to offer finance on any of our products. Sorry!


Is the onza bird able to have disc brakes. If so pricing?

Posted by Samm on 04/06/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/06/2012

Hi Samm - The Bird has a non-disc frame, fork and wheelset so it's not possible to fit disc brakes to this bike, sorry! Thanks, Mark

steve goodlad

What would be the cost of 2012 bird with upgraded front freewheel fitted ?

Posted by steve goodlad on 17/10/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/10/2012

Hi Steve - The rear sprocket you'd need would be a 12t screw-on sprocket, and these start from 12.26 (the Echo TR Screw On). For the front freewheel, you'd need an 18t model which start from 39.83 (the RockMan 72 Click). You can re-use the bashring fitted to the Onza cranks as standard, so the total price would come to 52.09 (on top of the price of the bike). Hope that helps! Thanks, Mark


does the onza bird have sealed bearing in the bottom bracket, front wheel, or back wheel?

Posted by keegan on 28/11/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 28/11/2012

Hello - The Bird uses a sealed bearing bottom bracket, with open bearing hubs front and rear. Thanks, Mark


does the onza bird 2012 come with metal pedals ?

Posted by josh on 04/12/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 04/12/2012

Hi Josh - The Bird is fitted with metal caged pedals. Thanks, Mark


is everythng already put together such as the brakes ?

Posted by callum on 07/01/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/01/2013

Hi Callum - We fully set these bikes up prior to dispatch, including adjusting the chain tension and setting up the brakes. We do a couple of things to fit the bikes in their boxes such as taking the bar/stem off as one unit, and removing the front wheel, but all the difficult parts of the setup are taken care of for you. We've actually got a video guide in our Media - Product Video Guides section that takes you through the steps to assemble your bike once you receive it. It may be of use to you. Thanks, Mark

brian dorant

Hi,I would like to know if the echo tr rim hydraulic brakes can fit this bike.

Posted by brian dorant on 10/03/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/03/2012

Hi Brian - The Bird frame, fork and wheelset are all non-disc so unfortunately you wouldn't be able to use the TR discs with this bike. Thanks, Mark

ben brown

hello there.I would like to know how much does this bike weigh.Could i have it in LB's please (pounds)

Posted by ben brown on 22/07/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/07/2012

Hi Ben - The Bird weighs 24.47lbs. Thanks, Mark

Tomaasz Homer

does this bike come already assembled?

Posted by Tomaasz Homer on 09/10/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/10/2012

Hello - The bike is assembled by us in the workshop prior to dispatch, but to be able to send the bikes we have to do certain things like taking the front wheel out. We've got a video guide to help out with re-assembling bits of the bike when you receive it - that can be viewed here: Thanks, Mark

Marcell Schmalhorst

I ride this bike since 3 monts,it works perfect,but i bougt a new wheel set . I thougt I can use the original freewheel, but i can not remove it from the original real wheel. I have the tools that I need to remove it, but it does not work. I could not use it, and now i can not use the new wheel set.It fits very strong. can you give me some tipps hove to remove it from the real wheel? thanks-Marcell

Posted by Marcell Schmalhorst on 06/05/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/05/2013

Hi Marcell - The best way would be to bolt the freewheel tool to the freewheel, and then clamp the tool in a vice. This will then allow you to turn the wheel off the freewheel itself. They can get on there very tight, but using that method should work well. If you do this, leaving the tyre and tube on the wheel (and inflated!) will help give more leverage. This video may help give you some idea: Thanks, Mark


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Based on 6 customer ratings


The best i have ever tryed!

Posted by Henrik on 18/05/2012

I am a 180cm tall and has a 26 "mbt. and then i thought that a Onza Bird 20" would be too small. but for its low cost, I decided to try it. so after 6 working days it came in the mail. after a short time of assembly it was ready to be used, although I never have tried trial before, it felt as if I had done it many times. I higly recommend this bike to anyone who will buy the trial but is brand new, I also recommend it to the more experienced bikers. thanks for a super great purchase. my rating is: 10 out of 5

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/05/2012

Hi Henrik - It's really good to hear you like the bike so much! I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come. Thanks for the detailed review!


Great starter bike

Posted by Ryan on 13/10/2012

If you are looking to get into trials biking, this is a great entry level bike, there are a few ups and downs to it as your skill level improves however. This bike will get you to an intermediate skill level before it starts to breakdown, which is not too bad considering its price, for me that was about 3 months of riding every day for an hour or two a day. Anyway, the bike is a pretty light bike and is very affordable and functions perfectly and is very fun to learn on and not worry about breaking too much. However, this is the first bike I have ridden in 4 years and as I do weigh around 180 and this may impact how fast things fatigue, the pedals are not amazing but they are cheap to replace when they break and the tires are amazingly tacky and the brakes are more than sufficient and reliable to feel good hopping around. I have enjoyed learning on this bike and it has probably been the most fun I have had with a sport (even beats unicycling) so it is totally worth buying and learning on as a starter bike. And one of the first things that should be upgraded is the freewheel, at least 90 points of contact makes a huge difference, I did 120 which is just day and night difference. The problems I am facing now with this bike as I am now jumping over things up to 3ft and dropping off walls much higher and even with more percise tricks this bike just doesnt cut it. The frame is wonderful and probably will never give out, and I have beat this thing up, the pedals do break pretty easily and the bearings in the hub need to be tightened, however they do give out after a few bad landings. I gave this bike a 4 because as it is a durable cool bike however, it is so much fun and something that anyone just getting into the sport can try to see if they really want to get into it before they buy one of the crazy overpriced trials bikes out there. Goodluck to anyone getting into the sport and have fun with it!

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/10/2012

Hi Ryan - I'm glad you're enjoying your bike! As you mention, the Bird frame is a good, solid base to build upon, so should you want to stick with it upgrading the other parts on your bike should be no problem. For example, changing the bars and forks will save a significant amount of weight, so any riders who are finding that their skills have improved can look to that as a way to upgrade their bike too. Similarly, it's possible to save weight on the wheels too so that could be another option. One of the issues it's tricky to avoid is that of damaging pedals - trials riding means pedals take a beating, so they can unfortunately break given enough hits. As you mentioned though, they're fairly cheap to replace, and pedals like the VP-458a should prove a little more durable than the standard models. Thanks for the detailed review, it's good to hear you're enjoying riding!


Top Banana - get this.

Posted by James on 02/11/2012

Awesome. Got back into trials after 6 years or so, built up my old Base TA26 and started riding. Got the itch for a new bike and came across this, thought i'd go proper trials and get a mod, best decision ever. For this price, this bike is immense, 19" rear, upgradable cranks so you can run a front freewheel, decent brakes and the whole set-up seems sound. The pics don't do it justice either, it looks lush in the real and as for cosmetic damage.....couldn't find any.......Also, ordered Wednessday, received it Thursday, top work Tarty.

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/11/2012

Hi James - Welcome back to trials! The Bird is a great option, especially at this price. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the detailed review!


Great bike and service!

Posted by Ireneusz on 15/11/2012

Delivery to Poland took only a week! The bikes looks amazing and I cannot find any scratches. Getting up on the rear wheel and hopping is very easy. I'm making progress very fast and decision on buying this bike was the best one I have ever made.There's only one disappointing thing. I would have saved almost 20 GBP if I had decided to buy this bike a one week later :( Nevertheless big thanks for Tartybike's team!

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/11/2012

Hi Ireneusz - It's really good to hear you're enjoying your new bike. I'm glad it got to you nice and quickly, and in good condition too. I hope you continue to enjoy it! Thanks for the review.


Best Bike by far

Posted by Dian on 12/03/2013

By far the best bike i have had yet. Had it since like christmas and its still in one piece. Nothing has lasted that long for me yea i did a backflip from my m8s garage roof on a ramp and landed it then went in a bush off thorns and its still in one piece this bike is light and is a nice one to ride however the only downside to it is that its toooo well packed it took me 30 Mins to open it but it came all together it just needed a few bits added great bike to choose. its taken a good smashing and still no marks its been in to trees and walls and roads pretty much anything u can think off. the team is great they litrally tell u anything u need to know from progressing to buying things. just remember to go over the bike wen u get it just in case somethings loose but that was my fault as i loosened the bolt not tightened it. so my main point in this is: its a good light weight bike, can take a good crash, and is pretty much perfect in soo many more ways its unbelieveable but i do suggest if ur a new commer to stunting to buy a helmet and stay on the bike that helps to. Many thanks to the team of Tartybikes u have helped me soo much!

Reply from TartyBikes on 13/03/2013

Hi Dian - I'm glad you like your new bike so much! It sounds like you're getting on well with it too. Thanks for all the feedback, we really appreciate it.


Great bike

Posted by Sam on 20/03/2013

This bike is very good. I wasn't sure what to expect as this is my first trials bike. The overall quality of the bike is good, the bike seems like a very solid little bike. I can tell that the frame is very strong and the welding on it and the finish is of a high quality. I had seen other bikes with hydraulic brakes and thought that the brakes on this bike might not be that good, I was wrong, the brakes on the bike are brilliant. They are the best V-brakes I have ever seen. Also, the service that Tartybikes is providing is immense. I ordered the bike on a Thursday and received it on the Monday in Holland.

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/03/2013

Hi Sam - It's good to hear you like your new bike! I'm glad it arrived with you quickly too. Thanks for the review!

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