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Hope Pro 4 Trials / SS

Product code: 13104


In stock

Hope Pro 4 Trials / SS

Black, 32H
Black, 32h, 12mm (not for use with standard frames!)
Blue, 32H
Orange, 32H
Purple, 32H
Red, 32H
Silver, 32H

Sold out

- The latest evolution of Hope's super popular hub range - the Pro 4 Trials / SS rear freehub!
- The 2014 grade T6 alloy hub shell is forged then machined, and has now been updated to feature slightly larger flange diameters to provide a stronger wheel build.
- Features the same hub shell strengthening 'ring' found on the previous Pro and Pro 2 Evo hubs.
- 4 wide pawls activated by strong leaf springs engage into a high quality 44 tooth ratchet (uprated from the 40 tooth ratchet found on the last generation of hub), and are offset to give 88 engagement points.
- New seals on the hub ensure the hub keeps spinning smoothly for longer.
- Tough aluminium alloy axle has M10 threads in the end to accept large bolts (included in the price), featuring an 8mm allen key fitting to improve bolt head longevity and ensure your wheel stays put! The 12mm version differs slightly, having a plain 12mm hole through the hub for use with 12mm bolt through rear axles / frames only.
- Steel 6-speed freehub body resists digging in, while allowing the flange spacing to be equal (therefore building a stronger, dishless wheel).
- Runs on a full compliment of new, custom made stainless steel sealed cartridge bearings.
- 6 bolt International Standard disc mount for those electing to run a rear disc.
- Available in Black, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red and Silver in 32h drilling, and Black in 36h drilling.
- Tough alloy axle provides a solid basis for the hub, and allows the hub to be held in place with heavy duty M10 stainless steel axle bolts with serrated washers.
- Includes a Hope single speed spacer kit (but not the lockring).
- Weight: Standard version: 461.3g including supplied axle bolts. 12mm through-axle version: 361.6g

Hub Dimensions
- Flange Diameters: 57mm
- Centre to Flanges: 31mm



This hub need the same details - trialtech sprocket and Shimano lockring? And spacers come with the hub too?

Posted by Erik on 02/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/05/2016

Hi Erik - As long as you're using one of the splined Trialtech sprockets, that setup would work well with this hub. As mentioned in the description, this hub is supplied with a Hope single speed spacer kit. Thanks, Mark


Good Day, Any chance to get the silver Pro 4 SS with through axle? I guess I am asking if you could swap the axle from the black one? Cheers Tad

Posted by Tad on 20/07/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/07/2016

Hi Tad - We would need to special order one in from Hope, but that would be no problem (it would be the same price as the standard hub). If you'd like to do this, please e-mail us at TartyBikes@Gmail.com and we can get the ball rolling. Thanks, Mark

John Carter

hello is this for both front and back hubs? Also what is the SS part and what's the difference between the normal pro 4's and the trial SS ones? Thanks

Posted by John Carter on 22/02/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/02/2017

Hi John - This is the price for the rear hub. The front hub is available separately in the "Front Disc Hubs" category. The Trials / SS hub is Hope's trials specific version of their Pro 4. It has a shortened steel freehub body and more engagement points, as well as the 10mm bolt-in axle as standard. Thanks, Mark

Alexander Rumpl

What sprocket would you recommend for this hub?

Posted by Alexander Rumpl on 27/03/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 28/03/2017

Hi Alexander - The Trialtech Sport sprockets or the Gusset DoubleSix sprockets are a great option for this hub. I've used both of those sprockets on my own Hope hubs and they've worked perfectly. Thanks, Mark


Hi, would this hub fit on a 2013 Inspired Fourplay? Also, is this just a rear hub or is there a front hub available because I'm looking into blue front and rear hubs.

Posted by Scott on 25/04/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/04/2017

Hi Scott - This should fit the Fourplay frame fine. They were specced with them as standard on the Team spec bikes. The front hub is available in our Front Hubs section, also in blue. We're out of stock of them currently but should have more in stock soon. Thanks, Mark

Tharun Shiv

Hello Tartybikes! Was planning to get a rear hub for my Polygon Trid CR ( http://www.polygonbikes.com/uk/bikes/description/2017-trid-cr ) . If these would fit which chain tensioner would you recommend for it to fit perfectly!? Thank you! Tharun.

Posted by Tharun Shiv on 05/11/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/11/2017

Hi Tharun - It seems quite difficult to find information about that frame online, so I couldn't say for certain whether this hub would fit that frame. If you'd like to check, you can measure the dropout spacing (from the inside face to the inside face of your dropouts) and the depth of them - if it has 135mm spacing and requires a 10mm axle, this hub should fit. For chain tensioners, the Gusset Kojak or Trialtech Race chain tugs should work well. Thanks, Mark


hi, I'm looking for a hub like this with the freehub at the back. I don't have this much to spend on one, can you give me any other options? Thanks, Toby

Posted by toby on 15/11/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/11/2017

Hi Toby - If you're happy to go singlespeed, you could use a hub from our Fixed Hubs category and fit a freewheel to it. This is similar to the setup found on the Inspired Arcade Pro and Fourplay Pro bikes and does work well, as long as you're happy with one gear on the back! Thanks, Mark


Can this work with a standard 135mm QR frame? I ride on old Mongoose IBOC frame, and am in need of a new rear hub - this one sounds intriguing! I assume I'd need a chain tensioner, in lieu of my current 8sp rear derailleur, or could I potentially keep the derailleur, and just run a shorter cassette stack? (Current rear der and cassette are Shimano.)

Posted by Jim on 27/02/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 28/02/2018

Hi Jim - These hubs are designed to work with regular/QR 135mm dropouts, so you shouldn't have a problem with that. The freehub body is only capable of taking a 6-speed cassette, so if you want to retain gears you'd need to drop a few sprockets unfortunately. Some cassettes allow you to do this, but you'd need to have a look at yours to confirm. If you continue using the same cassette it should be possible to re-use your existing mech. If not, you'd need to go for a shifter to match your new cassette type. Other than that, you could switch to single speed and use a single speed chain tensioner such as the Trialtech Sport Sprung Single Sided Tensioner we stock (Product code: 12959) which would mount to your mech hanger. Thanks, Mark

Vadim Eremin

What I'll need to buy to install the bushing? single speed kit included in the order,but still need a retaining ring,where to get it? just need the asterisk,I would like to install 15 t (it is better to put,if I have horizontal drop outs and 22 t front sprocket?) thank you!

Posted by Vadim Eremin on 14/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/05/2016

Hi Vadim - We sell the lockring you'd need in our 'Cassette Lockrings' section. If you use that with the supplied Hope single speed kit and the sprocket of your choice you should be fine. For gear ratio, that depends on the wheel size for your bike. 26" bikes would usually need 22:18, and for 24" bikes 22:16 is the standard ratio. Some 24" riders do prefer 22:15 if they're doing more street-orientated moves. Thanks, Mark


Hi, would this hub fit on a 2016 Inspired flow?

Posted by luca on 19/06/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/06/2018

Hi Luca - This should fit the Flow fine, although you'd need new spokes as the hub dimensions are different to the standard hubs fitted to the bikes. Thanks, Mark


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