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Tensile 60 Click

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- One of our longest serving freewheels, and for good reason - these are highly durable and offer excellent performance at a great price!
- Engagement is taken care of by three sets of two pawls, and these engage into a hardened chromoly 20 tooth ratchet (similar to an ACS Claws) to give 60 clicks.
- Two sets of ball bearings keep the freewheel running smooth, and help to eliminate flex which can cause skipping.
- Fully user serviceable, with all moving parts now available separately, check the 'Freewheel Spares' section of our website.
- The freewheel can be removed with a Shimano-style 20 spline bottom bracket tool. This allows it to be slimmer, meaning more clearance over your BB shell, and thus a shorter, stronger bottom bracket axle can be used.
- The lockring is a right hand thread helping it to not self-loosen when used on crank arms, a common problem found on most other freewheels.
- Full hardened cromoly construction with nickel plating for maximum durability.
- 18T outer casing.
- Weight: 181g

Overall Thickness: 16.06mm

This freewheel must be bedded in before trials use, to ensure any excess grease used when assembling the freewheel works away from the mechanism. You can do this by riding the freewheel around 'normally' for a few hours, both freewheeling and engaging the mechanism gently. If the freewheel is subjected to trials use without having been bedded in, the pawls will not engage correctly and this causes the freewheel to skip, damaging the pawls and ratchet. If you wish to speed up this process, you can thin the grease down with light oil like GT85 or WD40, by spraying it between the centre and outer teeth of the freewheel and rotating it. Failure to bed the freewheel in correctly will void the warranty.
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